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Journal No 6 - Sorry for the delay!

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so i'm watching BBC world news right now cos canadian tv has too many ad breaks! we've been quiet on here for a few days for not much reason other than a little lazyiness maybe. it has been absolutely baking though. weather report said 34 degrees! my body doesn't understand that kind of heat!
i'm on my own now because i promised anne an un-disturbed lie in this morning. she has been working for a bit the past 2 days, in a tea room in nearby (20 minutes walk) Kerrisdale. shes only done about 4 hours each day, just as a warm up i guess, but the manager is a bit dim and not completely clued in. it does make tiny food though. I will let anne fill you in properly though. she also went to a walk in interview in a very posh sea-side club. it went very well so fingers crossed she gets a phone cal sometime this weekend! we went to jericho beach again last night which is our favourite place to stop and do nothing. we went into the pacific for a very breif period cos it was so damn cold.
we went for a walk with resh (landlords son) the other night, just showing us around our area including shortcuts and a few parks etc. the night before last we met other bunacers to play some football at McBride park. we met our kiwi "house mates" on the way so they joined us, and i proceeded to lead us in completely the wrong directions. when we had been redirected, we spent a good 10 minutes watching the wrong game of football wondering why the participants looked a little too old to be bunacers. anne eventually found the right game and we moved along. i played for 15 minutes and that was enought for me. so we just sat and chatted, drank coke and ate crisps. anne got friendlt with a scot called roz who invited us to a bbq some time in the future.
well that'l do for now. i;'ll try and get anne to write some more detail later on, but for now, i bid you farewell.
sorry no photos yet. ITS TOO HOT!

james x


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