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Journal No 5 - job hunting has taken our souls.

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err, so yesterday and the night before that we've been messing around with our resume's on annes laptop at home, which we had pretty much finished before we flew to vancouver, but you start to get paranoid when job hunting becomes serious and so we were both mucking around , changing things, then re-changing them, anne asking my advice, and then ignoring my advice and so on. We've both finished them now thank god, although i've written mine about 3 times to completion, and the the PC at the swap/bunac office creashed and deleted it all. it was so depressing! anyway, so we went out yesterday to downtown (all this travelling so far is done on the No 10 and B98 bus btw), we split up for an hour to go look for places to hand our resumes in. we met after that our......and we both handed none in. ha. you really do have to be in the right mood you see. anyway, by the end of the day, anne had applied for 3 jobs, and me for 2. so a sucess as far i'm concerned.
i'll fill in all the bits i think we missed from the past few days but not in chronological order.

we shared a "japadog" (pork hotdog with seaweed and some orrible green stuff on it.

We got given a printer by our landlords sun- the most useful thing at this time!

watched a man juggle fire and knives over people lying on the floor

ate chicken and beef buritos but the beef was weird

had a really nice greek (did i say that one already?!)

went to safeway and bought the worlds most expensive orange pepper

had my hand softened by some lady products on the street

anne got hit on by some chubby old geek who got $10 if he went to talk to her

we met our landlords 81 year old zimmerframed mother.

anyway thats as much typing as i can handle. its 9:45 and i have to try and wake anne up so we can get ready to go to the beach today!

ta ra! x


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