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Journal Entry No 3 - moving hostel

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so i've got a bit more time now to write this stuff. anne has requested an 8:30 wake up call so shes got 25 minutes. i'm sitting in the second floor lobby of our "hotel" cos there ain't no reception for the internet in our room. thick walls i think. yesterday we set up bank accounts with TD bank which was very easy except over here, banks and mobile phone contracts are utterly over complictaed. still we're getting a "cheap" cell phone this afternoon from someone anne says looks like sarah palin but dosen't. we've got breakfast soon, then getting a cab to our next hostel which is C & N on main street. we've looked at it already and both like it. the rooms are smaller but its really cheap! as well as the banks yesterday, we at long last found a travel plug adapter and went for a massively long walk as we have done every day since we got here! my legs ache. we went to grandville island market which was really nice but expensive, as food seems to be everywhere! eek. then we walk into kitsilano looking at shops and houses round there. everyone says that kits is one of the nicest places to live, but i think it might be a little out of our price range! we were told to check out some place i can't remember what its called, but i remember roughly where it is, so maybe thisavo or tommorro we'll get on it. we enquired at one of the market stalls as it was advertising help wanted, but the women was a bit of a div, and they were selling berries etc, but is was 25 cents just to taste one! i don't really like berries anyway.
we also had a honey and garlic, and a really hot pepperoni from the market, a triple thick chocolate milkshake from macdonalds, and some yam fries with some f-ing exspensive cider last night at the bar next door to the hotel.
i made anne watch the end of a really good basketball match, and we really wanted to watch man u barcelona, but its at half 11 this morning and we have stuff to do which is technically more important than football. (SOCCER).
anyway thats enough for now. its annes turn to write next time.
bye x

p.s. vancouver's hockey team is called the canucks. rubbish.


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