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Iguasu Falls and Bonito

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Hi Guys, its Mel here, my turn to write our blog on what we got up to at Iguasu Falls and in Bonito.

We arrived in Foz do Igucau after 22 hours on a bus, which was actually quite
comfortable. A friend from Cadburys had given me these anti-histamines which
make you drowsy, to help me sleep on the long journeys - well they definately
worked, Laura tried to shake me awake at 3am so that she could get off the bus
and she said i didnt even stir - strong stuff then so !

We stayed in a hostel on the Argentinian side of the falls where the falls
are more spectacular. In the morning we took a boat trip down the river Rio
Igucau, the motor boat took us over some mild rapids and underneath 2 waterfalls,
which was fantastic, obviously we were soaked to the skin, but we had come
prepared in our bikinis, unlike 2 silly amercians who wore jeans !

The day trip also included a short truck journey through the rainforest where
the guide pointed out flora and fauna native to Argentina. The guide also
explained that as you get further from the equator, mammals and trees tend
to be smaller than their cousins on other continents - i wonder is that what happened me ?

The falls on the Argentinian side are so amazing as you can walk right up
close to them. The sheer force of the water means that all you can see is
foam and also when the wind changes you get soaked with spray. They really
are out of this world, we didnt want to leave.

Next day we woke to a thunder and lighting storm and lashing rain and so
decided to get out of Argentina a day early. We arrived in Bonito after 3 bus journeys which took 16 hours in total ! - i suppose its all part of the experience :)

Sat 16th has to be one of my favourate days so far, we went snorkeling in
Rio da Prata which is a crystal clear river home to 30 varieties of fish.
We gently snorkeled downstream for 3km which took just over an hour. The
river was unbelievably clear and the fish were completely unfazed by us.
They would swim right past your face. We shared the river with a caiman,
which was more afraid of us, anancondas have also been spotted there, but
the guide told us that they are not agressive and can only be seen by a lucky few.
Well im glad to report that we were not lucky that day as we didnt spot any.

After seeing the caiman up close we decided that we should at least try him
to see what he tasted like, its a bit of a delicacy over here, the meat is
white, you could be eatng anything, the skin is orangey in colour, and a tad chewy :D

On Monday, our last day in Bonito we rented bikes to cycle 7km to Balnearie
Muncipal which is another clear water river where you can swim with the fish. The river was full of hundreds of fish and they were getting really close which was freaking me out. The current was taking us down river and we were floating along with it. Lots of people were standing at the edges looking in at the fish and one man was feeding them. He threw in a handful of fish food just as we were going by which sent the fish stir crazy, they were jumping all around us and kept hitting our hands. To say I freaked out was an understatement. Laura thought i was going to cry. She nearly went under she was laughing so hard :D

Well thats all from us at the moment - Laura will fill you all in on what
we get up to in Bolivia

Love Mel + Laura


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