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Pier 39 tour- San Francisco

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Tom, Adam, Gibson and me went to San Francisco for a enormous or fabulous trip. Our group just came out from the collage after pass out. After graduation this was first trip to us, when we was running in second year then made to be planned for visit to san Francisco. Adam was a great knowledge of Internet therefore no problem created at all reservation, all of them no earn any more money, after collage time all of them working for a small office some paper work, and got some few month after two month working, got also our parent some money and visited to san Francisco. We did not no more money that reason reserved hotels in san Francisco also cheap hotels, after long search by Adam, Very impressive hotels in San Francisco CA I got with help of some sites, read all of them that hotels info, as well Adam collection more Information about San Francisco, therefore we not forget our way during of travel or did not lose more money with out knowledge, right now all of them are working also in great companies. But I tell you our experience to San Francisco. It was summer time, left our home in morning time, picked our flight for San Francisco. Which was nice time in airplane. Arrived at international airport of San Francisco. Atmosphere of any airport did not like here San Francisco airport, which was clean and nice place it was, just took some fast food out of airport area, hired also cab for our hotel. Just one and half hour distance we made our hotel. Very attractive in out side, but also fabulous also inside, One room located two king bed for four guys, refresh them after bath in shower. Not to be late for walking at street of San Francisco. Which was awesome, place, I was too interesting fast food, there were in large amount with also large verity, all of them ate some fast food, including, pizza, pasta, Berger and ice-cream (all of them favorite) with two hours of walking near about of the area we came back to our rooms along with some snacks for watching TV time.

San Francisco is a bay area, summer fog, great ethnic, hilly terrain and more. First Day for San Francisco Golden Gate Tour-which consist of amazing landmarks, some historical place, expensive views, enormous time at Golden Gate Bridge and so more. It was not to far from our hotel, just a minute distance, but wanted to watch that place with bicycle, so hired four cycle near the place. Which was great time at biking at San Francisco city near by Golden Gate Bridge. It was too big bridge, first time when everyone watched like that bridge. Went up in below side area where wave of water jumped on the rock, that views really more expensive, but views of biking on bridge was wonder for all time, went up at pacific high, watched great scenery at there. Marina district also a superb and best place in san Francisco, full days all guys spent our time at san Francisco Golden Gate Bridge area and also there. Very interesting and superb landmark. It was too tired day; all friends was too tired but enjoyed that day very superb. In nighttime reserved dinning at onsite restaurant in hotel. Which was superb dinning, because all meals were delicious.

 We wanted to seafood, then made planned to san Francisco city area which called Fisher man wharf, where located huge type of fish, fisher man with our fish, also a hot destination of more tourist, that area have lot of restaurant, in which seafood meals famous, so decided, after watched the place also took a dinning fisherman wharf’s area. Before the dinning in night we spent time at museums of there, boating, historical building also attract more times, also visited at pier 39 (where consist of entertainment stores), aquarium of bay was also superb, kinds of mammals we watched at there, Sea Lions of that wharfs more famous.

Third day for us was very fabulous because we went to San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Which was to awesome and more exploration area, we could not tell about that If you watched this then you know what is beauty and adventure, superb place

Aquatic park adventure made more time fun, also visited at Hyde st pier, maritime museum.

Fourth day was also adventure because we did it more time kayaking at south beach harbor, here activities made more fun. We came here in morning time and back to our

Hotel in evening time, seafood also delicious, and some time got more seafood in our trip, Street meals also ate more times.

Fifth day was superb because we went at Angel Island. Just a short drive we reached at there, that place opened in morning time near about 8 am, you can do here picnicking, hiking, biking, boating, camping, baseball play place, many beaches fun, that’s place fabulous two day journey at there make best for us because large amount of tourist visited there, first we enjoyed at boating, also fishing facilities available on the boat, then fishing did it there, secondly ate some fishing one boating time. After fried from small way on boat, after noon our time was out at boating, so went for hiking on this island, very fabulous scenery watched during, the hiking, Golden gate bridge also located from them, second day also spent here as camping, time, Very great day it was, because every camping time made best for all days according. Last day at San Francisco all of them went to downtown and purchased some items from our parent and friends, and came back to our home with lot of entertainment memory. Few days ago all guys met in during of party and decided to will go at Florida any beaches this summer, if we will go there then also sharing like that our experiences at Florida beaches.











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