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Family Tour San Diego

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San Diego city Tour---it was time to may 12,2208 when my family and me went to San Diego, wanted to visit San Diego in Christmas But in during season every place is too crowd that’s reason we went in summer time, secondly-a long time I was not going to any beaches place, so San Diego is hot destination for my family and me, children play station always there along with more adventure, I daughter was only 3 year old, after born of my baby I was not go to any place for visit, so planned to visit at San Diego. But I understand that if you want to visit any place then not go in season time, always make plan in off-season, because no crowd located during your journey, but did not it. So made a reservation at beachfront hotel rooms, San Diego hotels also expensive due to more visited tourist. But my friend reserved our San Diego hotels at lowest rates, if you no knowledge of reservation to hotel rooms then always takes advice to our friend or other related person. Arrived at San Diego international airport, in during travel my baby always be one motion, not did some other activities, it was best for us, took our luggage and just a turn of terminal of airport, hired taxi from nearest cab services, just few minute drive went to our hotels, it was mid day of 13 may 2008. Very attractive hotel, but sandy (my daughter) was hungry, when her mother going to refresh her, then we ordered some meals, but not to best for baby at hotel, so just a walked a shop of retails product looked, purchased at there some fresh fruits, ice-cream, baby food, milk, and etc and came back our hotels, sandy ate some chocolate during watching TV, she loved cartoon always, but when we window opened, noise of sea wind moved to our baby at window, she was too happy after watching beach, clapping and chat with us. Beach was just a block distance from our hotel room, one of the best hotels I reserved because location of beach from window was superb, Near about 4:30 pm we walked to beach, very awesome views at beach, water was too blue, some man swimming, another did surfing with winds, very impressive beach, remove our shoes and walking at beach for some time, my baby also. But sand of beach also attract to here, some other child play on beach with wet sand, sandy wanted to play with us, she did this, her mother with us, Very fast day convert in to night , watched also sunset, in during of beach walked sandy ate two time chocolates, I thinks baby girl is a little angle with change our life almost time, I felt it more time, I was happy after her born. Near about 6:30 pm we came back nearest markets, which was too short distance form them, we loved to street meals very much, some hot dog I ate, my wife ate some ice-cream with my baby, but both of them liked sea food, so after some time visited at seafood restaurant, ate some best meals at there. Came back our hotel room.

Next early morning, I spend full day at beach with my family, did some best activities, like boating, swimming, sun bath, sandy did some best play with soft sandy beach, her mother help her. We hired beach chair and watched nearby area, security of the beach always hidden but very best, in lunch time not came back to our room but hired boat from the beach, two hours we took enjoyment at deep water and beach area with our family, all of them very happy about this trip.

Next day was also superb because I went at San Diego zoo, which located in Balboa park, zoo was too wide and located kinds of animals, birds, mammals, panda and some other creatures. Sandy watch polar beach, beach, birds, but happy when she watched tiger, elephant. Full day spend we there due to my baby. She did not left zoo. In nighttime reserved a dinning at nearest hotel famous restaurants, which was superb place for variety of meals, every things consist in them, kinds of meals we took in our dinning. Next day went to sister park of San Diego zoo, which was also adventure like San Diego zoo. Also located a valley at there. Nature valley also attracts with us but I was not going there due to our baby, she fearing about darkness and wild area. Some we watched mostly beaches and zoo. Fourth day for museum, not too long time, three hours we watched some best famous museums.

Second last day- that day went to beach side area, where located awesome park, along with picnic area, garden, superb place, it was, have lots of bike parks, parks, and awesome place for visit, half day took adventure at there, in evening time wanted to purchased some item from San Diego city so walked at market, purchased some best antique peace also cloths, mostly baby cloths. That day also ate some best meals.

Next last day wanted to watching whale, sandy also wanted. Some early morning went up at migration area in California Point Loma. Where some companies offer migrate whale watching, that day two time we watched whale, sandy was also happy with that day, after noon we came back at beach also with our family, it was last day and best time for us, I wanted to scuba diving, so did it, very awesome views I watched in scuba diving.

It was a fabulous trip at San Diego and I can’t forget them, after three year stayed visited awesome place and collect tremendous memory. Next day departed to our home, sandy grand mother missed to much her, so she was too happy after watched the sandy, all our family member was happy with saw again.


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Whale watching San Diego

San Diego, United States