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The Inca Tril Day 4 - Winay Wayna to Machu Picchu (5km)

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Alarm set for 4am we got up somewhat jaded from lack of sleep and aching limbs from the previous few days of trekking. Our guides told us the queue to get to the first checkpoint gets really busy and he wanted up to be the first group, even though they don't let anyone through until it opens at 5am. So we had breaky then set off for our final part of the trek to Machu Picchu.

The sky starts getting light by 5:30am  and the first rays of the sun reach Machu Picchuat about 7am. The final trek is approx. 1 1/2 hours.The trail contours a mountainside and drops into cloud forest before coming to an almost vertical flight of 50 steps leading up to the final pass at Intipunku (Sun Gate). By this point myself,Lucy and the rest of our 16 strong team are totaly ruined, tired and exhausted. Unfortunately when we arrived at the sun gate there was thick dense fog and you couldn't see the Machu Picchu ruins. Very dissappointed but chuffed all the same that we'd finally made it.

Usually the view from here is the one you see on picture postcards and the ruins of Machu Picchu are spread out before you. We catch our breath for an hour or so before heading down the descent for approx 20 minutes and arrive at the Watchman's Hut. By the time we get thereit is still slightly foggy but clearing. Phew!

We rest here then descend further to the main entrance where we have to leave our sticks and backpacks. By the time we queue to get our stamps to ente the main ruins the sun is out and the views are just mind blowing! This is what we came for!!

We spent a few hours touring the ruins in groups and by ourselves interspersed with some explanation from our guides. It is such a spiritual place you have to just go and sit alone and feel the energy.

The photos do the talking so enjoy!!

Later that afternoon we all head by bus down to the tow of Aguas Calientes (Hot Springs) where we regroup for a small certificate giving ceremony from ou rguids Ronny and Puma. A few of us staied the night here rather than getting the train back. We relaxed in the hot springs which are well worth a visit. Idid manage to get a tik burrowing itself into my chest and had to get the bag attended to burn it out with a match. Rather freaky to say the least.

All in all a fantastic trek, great guides, amazing porters and wicked group of people to do it with!! I would highly recommend this trek to anyone planning a visit to Peru!!


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Inca Trail Day 4

Inca Trail, Peru
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