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Life in my new country of residence

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So we have now been in Sicily for 5 days. Its going good so far. We started our INDOC class yesterday. That is a very long and sometimes boring class that we will be in for the next 2 weeks. They will go over everything that we will need to know while living here. The last day of class the spouses will be taken on a field trip to a neighboring town.

The days have been pretty warm. In the mornings and at night its pretty chilly though. They say that this is the start of Summer and it will soon be very very hot ALL of the time. The weather report says that it will rain tomorrow and after that we should not get anymore rain until October. Today has been very chilly so it must be because the rain is coming.

This afternoon our sponsor took us to the mall in Motto. We ate lunch there which was outrageously expensive. The prices in the stores were about the same as in America. Some stores were more expensive than others.

Tonight we will be going to dinner at a couples house that we met the other day. The seem really nice and we hit if off with them very well. Its nice to already have some friends here.

Looking forward to when we will get to travel. Hopefully it will be soon. We got our house and will move into it May 12th. So hopefully we can start soon after that.


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My life in my new country of residence

Catania, Italy