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Kansas city situated in the heart of Missouri

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Kansas City is a largest city which is situated on the border of Missouri and Kansas. Everyone knows about this city for it reputations, attractions, nightlife, and lodging facilities. I was a little familiar about this city but never visit this city. This city is very nice with a lot of attractions and sporting events which draws many visitors every year. Like other visitors, I always have a dream to visit this city and I want to make this wish true. As I got this opportunity then I utilize it and planned for this city. After planning for this city I made up and down reservation of air and then went for some online reservation sites from where I can reserve my cheap kansas city hotels that provides all the great facilities. So by surfing and searching on net I meet with a great online reservation site which was providing Kansas City hotels at discount offer with all the modern facilities. So by getting some info and knowing more about this hotel I give my great lodging to this site and went to this city by air by getting the date of my trip. I started my first day of trip by leaving hometown and a peaceful journey. The flight dropped me on international airport from where my hotel was situated at a few distance. After leaving airport and collecting luggage I take breakfast then hire a taxi to catch my hotel. As I reached to my hotel first of all I like to take some rest. after taking some rest and freeing form laziness I take junk food, refreshment, and then for outing of this city. This day I did not see any attraction but the interaction with people and visiting around hotel made this day more interesting. After taking dinner from a restaurant I came back to my hotel for sleeping. On the second day of my trip, I leave my bed early morning, get ready, take breakfast, and then went for the outing of this city. This day I explore many areas of attractions which were very interesting. This day first of all I went to American jazz museum which was very nice with a lot of singers, artists, and their albums also. This day I also went to museum of art and kemper museum of contemporary art which were very nice containing with latest collections of arts and galleries. These museums were also containing with arts exhibits which were very nice. By seeing these destinations I visited the streets of this city which gives great view. On third day of my trip, I went for union station area which was containing with many exploring area like science city which was containing with science adventurous and went to baseball museum which was very nice. This day I enjoyed the nightlife of this city which was very interesting and also went to a shopping store from where I take some good things. On the fourth day of my trip, I leave my bed quite late in morning, get ready, take breakfast, and went for the other attractions of this city. This day I visit only one or two attractions of this city which were situated nearer to my hotel. These attractions to which them I found this day very nice from the rest of other days. These attractions were theme park and amusement park to which them I take a lot of enjoy. This day I went to a music club where I take enjoy of music and dance and enjoy the nightlife also. After enjoying nightlife I take my dinner and move towards to my hotel. On the fifth day of my trip, I leave my bed after sunrise because this day I was not worried to go for any attractions and I have to leave this city now. After leaving bed, I take breakfast and packed my luggage for leaving this hotel. After packing my luggage I leave this hotel and move towards to my hometown with nice memories.


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kansas city, United States