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Beijing Buffet, Wine Cellar, Kooza

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Beijing Buffet (South San Franciso, CA)
-$17 for dinner
-All you can eat buffet
-Pretty good for the price
-Come around 5:30-6pm for dinner.  It gets crowded at 7pm
-Go for everything
-My personal favorites:  Chinese Doughnut, Clams, Crab, Mongolian Beef, Fried Rice, Sushi, Snails, BBQ spareribs, Flounder, Salmon, oh did I say Chinese doughnut!

The Wine Cellar (Los Gatos, CA)
-Must order the Cheese Fondu with the veggies, bread & shrimp $20
-The dinner was so GOOOOOOD and huge!  So I recommend sharing the entree and getting the cheese fondu for your appetizer. 
-Our Wine selection:  Italian Wines $36 (White to go with our Chicken Picatta with prosciutto and Halibut stuffed with crab)$30 each
-We had so much left over.  Share the entree but not the wine.. haha
-Our Server was amazing.  So nice and attentive.

"Kooza" Cirque Du Soleil (San Jose, CA)
-Park in one of the garages ($10).  The walk is about 1-2 blocks.
-There is a row of parking spaces right in front of the entrance.  People think its not parking but its actually public (free) parking. 
-Seating: The closest to the front but not VIP seating $90.  VIP is $200.  Get your tickets early enough (get a good deal and good seats) at Ticket Master.
-This Cirque so far is the BEST.  It was very entertaining from the beginning till the end.  There were no boring times. 
-The two dare devil guys who ran around these two moving things were so crazy... OH my gosh, they had me sweating!  They were so good and so thrilling. 
-The CD is worth buying.  But as of today (3-16-08) its not out yet. 
-Every act was great.  The Couple Dances were amazing.  And the whole show was funny and exciting.  The band was great.  You can see them from your seat with the band and their solo singer. 
-I had so much fun especially because it was a surprise Valentine gift from my husband.  He's the best!


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Kooza, Cirque du Soleil

San Jose, CA, United States