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Seville, Spain

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okay, so we aren't doing too great at updating the blog this far, but
it's because we've been so busy!! We landed in Spain in the late
evening on Wednesday after over 24 hours of traveling quite jet lagged
but actually still got in a bit of sight seeing while looking for our
hostel. Seville is fantastic. I'm not sure what I expected Spain to be
like but Seville was certainly a great introduction. It's very
European with tiny little streets, cafes tucked between white washed
buildings. Personally I'm in love with the windows here, they are very

Our first day we saw many of the newer monuments and gardens while
getting rather lost on the way to our hostel. Most were built for the
worlds fair in the 1920s. The Plaza de Espana is perhaps the most
impressive of the newer constructions and is a large crescent shaped
plaza with depictions of all regions of Spain. It is meant to look like
arms reaching out to the Plaza de Americas across the street. For this
plaza, Spain invited ambassadors from all countries in Latin America
and gave them funding to construct a monument depicting their culture
within the plaza...basically Spains way of saying opps, sorry! After
some lost/exploring we found our hostel in the heart of Old Town
Seville. The place was perfect, it was basically a nice hotel with
dormitories. We hung out on the roof and met a bunch of Australians
who have been traveling for the past four months...we keep meeting
aussis who are traveling for months at a time, we haven't quite
figured out how they can afford it but they are EVERYWHERE.

Our second day we did some exploring of old town and visited the
Giralda Cathederal.  Didn't find out till later that this is the 3rd
largest cathedral in the world. We also later learned that may or may
not holds the remains of Columbus...not sure we believe that one, but
there are 7 placed in the world that claim to and this is one of them.

Much more to tell but we're going to post pictures right now while the
internet connection is good so look at those and check back for more
posts on recent days!!!

so far...LOVE SPAIN!


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