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We didnt have time to properly write on here during our time in Thailand, and after a month there is just so much to say that we dont have time to put it down, so this is just going to be the highlights...! we wanted to update this as we went along but found the internet in thailand has either been too slow or too expensive to have enough time to write everything.

We started in Bangkok, which was hectic and crazy and chaotic but so much fun. we got lucky again with the hostel, bawsic but we had A/C and our own bathroom.. hard to come by in some places!! We did a bit of shopping at the cheap market stalls that are literally eveywhere along khoasan road (where we were staying) We didnt sample the local treats, such as crickets that were on sale everywhere though...  we stayed in Bangkok for a few days which is where we met kris and matt, the 2 english lads that have been travelling with us through thailand the last few weeks.

After Bangkok we went to Phuket- it was really commercial but so interesting to see all the pictures of where the tsunami had completely destroyed the exact places- bars, restauirants, beaches, shops- that we were standing in. we ended up movingg to a more isolated area for a few days and spent some time on the beach. The next spot was Phi Phi which is our favourite place so far- it is total paradise, classic clear blue sea and beautiful islands. Again, the main part was almost completely wiped out in the tsunami, and although phuket has rebuilt the island back up, phi phi really hasnt- the devastation is still visible everywhere despite them trying to hide it behind fences etc. We stayed in a beautiful place called Phi Phi Hill resort which is in long beach. You have to hike up about 300 rickety stairs to get to it (see pics!) but at the top nicola and i found a really nice little hut- basic but everything we needed- with the most amazing ocean views. the staff were so friendly and the food was really good too. We met up with Lucy and Lee and the boys from bangkok (who were a day behind us) and we all stayed together for the next few days as one group which was a good laugh. We ended up taking a boat to Maya Bay which is just off Phi phi and where the film 'the beach' was filmed. It's so beautiful, but gets pretty crowded with tourists during the day time, sow e decided to camp over night so as to see it isolated and how we imagined it to be. It was really good- we had to swim from the boat to the shore, and we spent all night on the beach swimming and relaxing. When it came to getting changed, I grabbed a towel of the tree it was drying on, not realising it was totally covered with ants and got completelt attacked by them under my ARMPITS! We now both have a massive ant phobia... Other than that though, it was amazing. At midnight we went swimming with illuminous plancten- its really hard to explain how surreal it was! Definitely my favourite moment so far- they dart around you as you move your arm through the sea like little starts darting off your arms, like magic!

We went to Ko Pahgnan for the Full moon party on the beach. It was so crazy- people everywhere and a whole stretch of beach with thousands of people dancing, fire throwing, wearing body paint etc etc. We were drinking 'buckets' which is a lethal combination of thai whisky amongst other things. it ended in tears!

After that we went on to do Ko Samui, where we stayed in a really beaurtiful hotel the Giuseppe booked for us before we left- it was complete luxury, especially compared to our backpacking huts. We also went to Ko tao- where the 2 boys were travelling with did their diving courses and nicola and i didnt do much but relax ans enjoy the place, which is really laid back and has a nice mix of popular for tourists but yet still quiet enough to be peaceful.

From Ko Tao we went to Kuala Lumpur which was the worst journey EVER!!

It was horrific! We were meant to get on the night boat from ko tao in thailand at 9pm which we would then get off at 5.30 am and get on a bus that would arrive in malaysia at 6pm the next day. HOWEVER after a night on the boat- rows of people with an allocated 'slot' to lie in that started with a fight because someone nicked our pillows- we arrived at our stop ready to get the bus. Unfortunately, everyone was tired and kris- one of the boys we're travelling with- had an argument with the man in the travel agent stop that the boat drops you off at over moving a bag. The man got REALLY angry and all of a sudden theres a problem with our tickets and we're no longer booked on the bus, and that all busses that day are booked up too. There was noone to call, as it was 5am. The travel agent man gives us some deliberately shitty route that takes us through all kinds of places- including where tourists are currently warned against going in southern thailand due to the recent bomb explosion- and we wouldnt arrive til 6am the next morning ie another 24 hours...!!! nicola and i were almost in tears, having already travelled for 8 hours and not slept much and another 24 hours facing us.
We got on the first bus, which took 4 and a half hours (busting for a wee the whole time but the thai taxi drivers stop for nothing!) and got to hat yai. When there, we were taken to another travel agent to wait for the next bus. Luckily the lady was confused and didnt understand the bizzare route that the arsehole in the original place had sent us on and put us on a direct bus to kuala lumper. we were SOOO happy...!! it took 12 hours and we didnt arrive til midnight, but the chairs were comfy and spacious and we didnt have to change halfway. The best bit was we arrived in time to go to bed and not at 6am where we would have wasted a day.

After meeting so many genuine kind Thai people, it was a shame to leave on such a sour note. Off to Kuala Lumpur, Bye bye thailand..!!


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