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Rijks museums fully art and culture museum in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a major tourist destination in the Netherlands state of Europe. This city is also capitol of Netherlands with inspiring architecture, great shopping, nightlife, sightseeing, and other attractions of this city. Being a large city, this city can be visited all over the year. This city is better accessible form all the modes of transportation. Last year, I visit this city in the month of April 2008 for enjoying my holidays. As I came closer with this city, I feel very proud to be on my decision that I choose this city for holiday’s trip. I went to this city for five days. For great accommodation in this city I reserved Amsterdam hotels from an online reservation site which was suggested by one of my friend. He also told me that this online reservation site gives you discount offer on the reservation of cheap hotels in amsterdam. After making all these formalities related to travel I meet up with my date of trip and fly to this city. My trip started before the starting day of trip because I leave my house late evening before one day of starting trip. This city is very far from my hometown and for comfortable travel I like to night travel. My flight was of midnight which dropped me on Amsterdam airport schiphol which was one of the busiest airports of world. It dropped me two hours late means at 10:00 am on the first day of my trip. After leaving the flight I collect my luggage and leave this destination. As I came outside the airport I feel so excited by seeing the culture of this city. First of all I take breakfast from a restaurant then hire a taxi to catch my final destination. Form airport my hotel was situated was at a very few distance which can be easily accessible by public transport. I came to know about this after reaching to hotel. In this city, my great accommodation was in Leidse Square Hotel which was containing with all the facilities and situated nearer to all the attractions. At the time of noon, I reached to this hotel and after reaching to this hotel I take some rest and enjoy the facilities of my hotel. At the time of late evening I feel relax, get ready and move toward this hotel to know more about this city. This day, first of all I take some juice and fruits and went to a shopping store from where I take a travel book which helped me to get around this city. When I interact with other people of this city, they told me there is no need to contact a travel agent you can easily visit this city yourself with the help of this travel book. After taking more guidance about this city, I take my dinner from a restaurant and came back to my hotel for sleeping with strong desire in heart. On the second day of trip, I leave my bed early morning, get ready, take breakfast in my hotel’s restaurant and went to walk around this city. This day first of all I went on beach which was the single long beach in Netherlands. To get this beach, I take train to Castricum and then bus to catch this beach. The beach of this city was very nice with adventurous. At this beach, I take walk of few minutes and enjoy the adventurous of beach. This beach was so crowdy because it was one of the famous destinations in this city. On beach, I take a chair on rent for enjoying this beach. This was the great and very interesting day on beach. After seeing the sunset of this city, I came back to hotel where I changed myself and went for dinner. After taking dinner, I went to my bed with a smile on lips. This day I contact for a travel agent for the tour of this city. After knowing about tour from tour operator I hire a taxi. On the third day of my trip, I wake up before arriving taxi to me, get ready. As I went for taking breakfast, my taxi has been reached to me. So I leave my breakfast and decide to take it in a restaurant outside. This day first of all I take breakfast and move towards the attractions of this city. This day first of all I went on canals which were so lovely and providing boating for enjoying this lovely canal. At this canal different types of boats were available to which them visitor enjoys. At this canal I take a boat on rent and enjoy boating. Near to this canal I saw a club which was very nice with many golf courses. After taking enjoy at this canal I went to Nemo which was the biggest science centre and I gave it a new name “an educational attraction” where I know about latest technologies with practical which were developed by world science. This science museum offer great enjoy of my life. An art and culture museum was situated near to this museum so I also went to see this museum. This museum was Rijks museum where I know the history and culture of this city. In this museum, a master pieces exhibition was there which was very interesting and I also enjoyed it. This exhibition was fully covered with the culture of this city. As the day over, taxi driver asked me to enjoy nightlife of this city and I also agreed. He takes me to theater where I saw movie and near this theater I went to a club for enjoying music, dance and nightlife of this city. As I enjoyed the nightlife I went to a restaurant where I take dinner and came back to hotel for sleeping. As I reached to my hotel a visitor came to my room for taking information about this city. I also showed my travel book to him and talked to each other this night. On the fourth day of my trip, I went to north side of this city. This day, I take a bike on rent and explore all these destinations by bike. In north side, first of all I found Vondel Park which was very superior with magic mushrooms. After this I found Wester Park which was new with cultural activities and I enjoyed these activities. While going to zoo I meet up with Sarphati Park which was the picnic place in this city. After seeing these places I went to see Artis zoo which was the most famous place with zoological museum, botanical garden, aquarium, and all these were very interesting place. After exploring all these areas I went to a shopping store from where I take a T-shirt, chess, and some galleries of this city which were very nice. On the fifth day, I went to see some sights like diamond museum, Ooster Park, and around my dicount hotel rooms. After these I take lunch and came back to hotel by taking some moments for leaving this city. As I reached to my hotel, I packed my luggage, went to airport and fly to my home town at night.


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Great Holidays with enjoyment in Amsterdam

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