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The story of the Trip

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Around 9:30am, i started preparing stuff for the trip. Used my Times backpack bag and inserted
- 1.5 litre bottle of water
- Packet of Wheatable Biscuits
- 24-multi function Swiss Knife
- Headup LED Torch
- Keys of my apartment
- 2 GB USB stick

Then bought half Kg of Apples of Rs25 and half Kg of  "Baer" (don't know what it is called in english) of Rs20 and inserted them in my bag. So the Total weight of my bag would be around 3Kg.

Then walked for 5 mins and then got a Taxi. Paid him Rs 70 and reached at the base of Track 3. The details of base are,

Time: 10:30am
Altitude : 1990 ft above sea level

My first destination was View Point. It took me 41 minutes to reach there, i spent 23mins there.Details are,

Arrival Time: 11:11am
Altitude : 2750 ft
Distance (from base point) : 2Km
Departure Time : 11:35am

My next destination was near Monal Hotal. It took me 1 hour and 35mins to reach there from ViewPoint. I spent 1 hour 45mins there. Had lunch, containing 4 Chicken Kabab of Rs 100, 3 Puriyaan of Rs 60 and 1 Sprite of Rs 20. I also bought a 1.5 litre mineral water bottle which costed Rs 35.

Arrival Time: 1:10pm
Altitude : 3520 ft
Distance (from view point) : 3.5Km
Departure Time : 2:55pm

Returning was easy. Reached View Point in 1 hour.

Arrival Time: 3:55pm
Departure Time : 4:05pm

Reached base in 35mins, at 4:40pm. After some rest, I started walking towards my apartment which was at 8+Kms from the base. It took me 1 hour 35 mins to reach my apartment. So, i was back at 6:35 pm.

Total Distance Covered : 19+Kms
Total Time of Trip : 9 hours


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