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Adelaide Hills and the Zoo - Mixed reactions!!!

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Amy started a job at a telesales company, well we thought it was a job but it turned out she had to do a weeks unpaid training before she was actually given the job. She decided not to go back after the first half a day because it was shit!! Anyway on that day, Malcolm asked me if I wanted to go with him and 3 others up to the Hills for a drive. He took us to Mount Lofty and we saw loads of Koalas in the trees and it was really cool. Me and this German girl, Louisa, decided to walk down this track and meet Malcolm at Waterfall Gully, it was a nice day and he said it would take us about 40 minutes to an hour. So we set off, it was so beautiful up there, we started to walk and at some point along the way we realised we took the wrong track and it ended up taking us down the side of this massive hill an hour out of the way!! An hour and half later we met some aussie guy and he told us it was another hours walk from the waterfall. Eventually we got to the road which runs down next to the waterfall. Malcolm was driving up and down looking for us. Ha ha, he said he was told by a aussie couple that there were two girls who looked lost about a mile down the road so he realised it was us and came to find us!!! Ha ha that was really funny!!!!! He took us back up to see the waterfall which was gorgeous!! The next day, Amy and I went to the chocolate factory and then Malcolm took us back up the Hills, cos Amy wanted to see the waterfall. He gave us very clear instructions on where to go so we didn’t get lost again. We walked from the waterfall back to the bus stop - about 5 miles. It was lovely!!


Nothing was really going on in Adelaide over the Easter weekend. Everything was shut!! We walked around town all day on Friday and then we arrived at Adelaide Zoo. We thought we might as well have a look seeing as there was nothing else to do. We managed to get in on concession at $12 which was lucky because had I had paid $22 adult price, I would have been pretty pissed off. It was so rubbish!! Most of the animals were asleep and the ones which were awake were really docile and didn’t do much. There was one maybe two of each animal and it was a complete waste of time and money!! Considering it is Australia and koalas are supposed to be ten a penny, I was really disappointed that there was only one in the zoo! As was there only one of every Australian animal bar wallabies!! Not impressed!! We went back to the hostel a bit later after getting us some goon and we were supposed to be having a Easter party in the hostel. Well by 10pm it was finished!! What a disappointing Easter Friday!! There wasn’t even any nice chocolate to eat!! The rest of the weekend was spent at the beach. The weather was warm so we did some sunbathing!! That was really nice after having some really shitty weather. Monday we were fed up with nothing being open so we jumped on a bus to Port Adelaide and went on a dolphin boat trip which was only $2 for 2 hours!! We soon realised why it was only $2. We were supposed to be guaranteed to see dolphins!! We didn’t see any, the whole 2 hours we spent looking at some murky water waiting to see some cute little sea mammals come up to say hi, and we saw nothing!! Jumped on the bus back at about 4pm. We were not too happy with our Easter in Adelaide!! Amy and I went to the cinema on the Thursday to see the new Fast and Furious, it was wicked. Have never seen any of the other films but it was so good. Vin Diesel is so hot!!!


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Adelaide Hills

Adelaide, Australia