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Hiking- take enjoy and find sights while hiking

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Last month, I got married and after married I and my sweet heart (“my wife”) would have to go for honeymoon. For honeymoon, I was very worried that to which destination we should have to go. Whenever I take suggestion from anyone then they confused me very much. Suddenly, my wife also asked me that where are we going for honeymoon. As my wife asked from me then I said to my sweetheart you tell me where do want to go? My sweetheart suggests me to go for Santa Barbara. She told me some good things about this city. She told me this city is located in the united states of California and this city draws many visitors for its adventurous, sightseeing, nightlife, and accommodation. When I told her how you came to know about this city then she told me my friend also went to this city for honeymoon. So for making this dream true for my sweat heart I planned trip for this city. Before going to this city she told me santa barbara hotels are more expansive but I want to make this dream true. I told my wife that we will go for this city whether it would be more expansive. As my wife came to know that we are going for this city then she feel very excited and give me “thanks”. After making reservation I any my wife started to search hotels in santa barbara on internet. By searching on net I found a travel which was providing best accommodation in this city and said my wife to choose the hotel. So, by seeing this site my wife choose one hotel and saying to me that it is more costly. By hearing this, I said to my wife I said you to choose the hotels not for checking rates because I don’t give more importance to money and I also financially strong. After choosing, I reserved this hotel and after reservation we get the discount offer which makes it less expansive for us. As I told my wife about this discount offer then she feels very excited. So after making all the preparations for this trip, we were very excited and waiting for the trip date. Finally, after catching the date and time of flight we fly to this city by air. Our flight dropped us at municipal airport. After leaving the airport we take some snacks from a restaurant outside the airport. While taking snacks I met with a guy who has its own taxi and visit all the tourists for this city. That guy was young, friendly- nature, and smart but not more than from me. I talked with that guy and hire his taxi for visiting this city. As this was the first day of our trip, we were late. So this day, our taxi driver showed us only skyline, parks and some sights which came on the way while going to hotel. As we reached to our destination, I and my wife feel very excited to see hotel and the architecture of this city also. We reached to our hotel at the time of evening. This day we enjoy the facilities of our hotel and take some rest. After taking some rest, we went to market for taking dinner. After taking dinner we came back to hotel and went to bed for sleeping. On the second day of our trip, we get up early in the morning by getting the information of taxi. After leaving the bed, we get ready and take breakfast and move towards the sights of this city. This day, first of all we went to beaches which were the most famous destination point of this city. My wife said to me this beach is most beautiful surroundings by hills, palm trees and harbors. I also said to my wife that it’s more beautiful because you also like it. On beach we feel very romantic and enjoy the adventurous activities. On beach we take enjoy of swimming, fishing, boating and kayaking but my wife did not take interest in swimming because she did not know swimming but for this I helped her. We also take a chair on beach for taking rest. At beach, most couples were there rather than singles. At the time of evening, we saw the sunset and after seeing this all the tourists move towards their home and we also one of them. While retuning from beach, we went to a park which was situated nearer to beach. This park was containing with a lot of colorful fountains. In night we take our dinner and our taxi left us at hotel. After reaching to our room both of us share our feeling for this day and get sleep. On the third day of our trip, we became ready before reaching to taxi. As the taxi reached to us we were taking our breakfast and after finishing the breakfast we move toward for this city. This day, our taxi driver takes us hiking for which is the favorite of my wife and not looses any chance. This day our taxi driver works as a guide. This day we take enjoy of hiking and while on hiking we found some points also to which them we enjoyed. I also do cycling on mountains. On hills a park was there which was very nice and we take relax at this place. After hiking, we fly to Elings Park from these mountains. This park was very nice consisting with all the facilities. After enjoying all these attractions we came back to our destination, take dinner and went for sleeping. On the fourth day of our trip, we went for the sightseeing of this city. This day, we saw karpeles museum which was the world’s largest library, Santa Barbara mission which was known by the name of queen of missions and the surrounding area of this mission was cultural which was very nice. After seeing these museums, we went for Stearns wharf which the water front was containing with water adventurous. This we also enjoyed the nightlife of this city and came back to hotel where we take dinner. On the fifth day of our trip, we went for museum of natural history, museum of art and botanic gardens which were very nice. Botanic garden was very nice with native plants, flowers, and colorful fountains also. This day we also saw zoo which was so amazing containing with adventurous ridings. While exploring these destinations we enjoy the walking tour of this city. This day, we enjoy nightlife of this city and taste the wine also. After taking dinner, we came back to our hotel and went for sleeping. On the sixth day, we went to shopping stores for shopping and surfing of this city. This day we explore some destination also. We also watch a movie at a famous theater. On the seventh day of our trip, we left our bed early morning, leave the cheap hotels and went to airport. While going to airport my was very happy for this that now her dreams have been fulfilled. Those memories and moments which we get from this city are never unforgettable and we fly to our home with these memories.


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Santa Barbara, United States