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Massage in Thailand

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Massage means communication in my world. It is amazing how people express themselves receiving or giving massage.

If you ever thought to visit Thailand and you love express yourself, Bangkok it’s the place to be! My favourite place, where I studied by the way... it’s also a temple. The very, very, very, traditional school in Thailand known as Wat Po.

I can tell that a 25meters resting, shining, golden Buddha helps a lot to attract students, rsrsrs.

Have you never tried Thai massage? Well, it is like a passive stretching. But, be careful, sometimes the therapists go too hard. Just ask to go softer (Bao Bao in Thai) and experience more times, otherwise you are not going to understand the therapy.

A curiosity for another very popular therapy there is a myth about Lord Buddha.

He was followed by a personal reflexologist and at the end of the day; Buddha was blessed with a relaxing foot massage. Yeah, I definitely recommend a foot massage everyday during your stay in Thailand. I’ll also suggest that you try out different places. The price is almost the same (very cheap) and the technique changes depending on the region.

Anyway...go Thai!


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Bangkok, Thailand