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Too beautiful seaside area, history fort

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I am going many place in worldwide but some place always in my mind due to its beauty and locations. One of them is Newport city, which is a greatest and beautiful city ever due to seashore place to be located with lot of entertainment and activities carrying. Seaside city always make a great moment for anybody and enjoyment spread always besides. Best famous reason for that city, its mentions and for hosting Newport festival (folk) as well as other best festival Jazz including also. Some best and evergreen harbor place, likes Cobblestone Street, and brick sidewalk harbor spread lot of entertainment for tourists. In here you gain lots of shop, fun, restaurant, galleries and some best also. We took this information after traveling at there. a short discuss made a best ever green planned at Newport city along with two other friend at a coffee shop at evening time after the office return, always brought our Laptop, after coming our home, after planned all guys reserved stay at Newport by online, all hotels in Newport not too expensive, but some were, but we reserved some best cheap hotels in Newport at near by seaside area, because in front of beach cheap hotels always gave a lot of enjoyment every time. After runoff our city, met another our best friend in school time, during shopping, told his about tour so they asked to us, may I also went with us, not bad for us, join us they after agreed, bag packed for Newport city and went to Newport city, it was ten day off during the summer time, arrived at airport of new port, too beautiful and fresh air inside the atmosphere, few hours went to our reserved hotel rooms, too nice it was, inside and out side both, rooms also too big and looked also some best amenities, atmosphere to rooms was also great, all guys, stayed in two rooms, one rooms stayed two guys, reached to our rooms after noon therefore I was too more time for traveling in every time, therefore, rest and fresh himself. When we opened his window to our hotel rooms then fresh air come inside the sea area, and beach area to be awesome views show, it was not too far from hotel, just two minute walk distance, after lunch want to walk near by area but so tired during the travel, rest some time, about 4 o clock ready for walking near the seaside area, too many people located at there, I watched at window, went to famous cliffs walk area, which made by the stone and sand, it just played at great walk and about 5.6 km long distance area, a beautiful walk, you could see awesome views at new England area, I saw a great views, inside the area you can saw wildlife, any time and about walking to feel about Atlantic sea. In night time took a great dinner at Flos Clam Shack, where huge dishes of seafood to located, many time during the trip, we ate at there, due to his awesome delicious food. Next day, saw and took enjoyment at Breton Point state park, and Fort Adams, it was too awesome and great history carried with us a long time. Also watched Fort Adams parks.

Mansions are too famous at there, so I went there some best place like Astor’s Beechwood Mansion, The Breakers, Chepstow, The Elms, Hunter house, Kingscote, Marble house and some other place with in two day and a half day, also ate some best seafood and other kinds of food at cheap rate. Also watched some best museum and art galleries at Newport city, including museums Museum of Yachting, Naval war museum, Samuel white Horne house museums, and more. One evening went to all gays at Opera House Movies Theater. Fifth day, want to different did with us friend there for planned to visit at Amazing Grace harbor point. Which is the best and evergreen place for walk and visiting. Really, we enjoyed at there much more time. Next early morning went for Skydiving at beach area. It was great time for us, also watch surfing a there. Besides took a lot of enjoyment at public beaches, too awesome time for us, our friend enjoyed at there to much, last met friend thanks for this trip to all, beaches time was too superb and took lots of enjoyment at there two days, sunset timing was always made amazing crowd at beach, too beautiful sunset, fishing also all, at near the fishing spot, just few time walk at beach, swimming, boating two hours all, with hired a boat, nice time I spent at there, and did not forget this, last day, were went for shopping day, last evening time, ate a kinds of meals, before days best meals and variety, got it last day, and made a enormous day in our life, came back next day to our home, nice time it was, spent time very well. 



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