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Road Trip!!

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So, our road trip was wicked, funny but good god, the drive was awful!! The first day was ok. We drove the Great Ocean Road, cos the girls I came with hadn't seen it before (I did a tour a couple of weeks ago). We stopped for lunch in a little place by the sea. That was nice. After we had seen the sights on the Great Ocean Road, I drove for about two hour (Maria had already drove about 6 on the way) and we stopped at a garage and asked how far away were we from Adelaide (no, we didn't have a map). The woman laughed and said about 9 hours away!!!!! You could have knocked us down with a feather!!! We then asked where we could stay and she said, go to this little town called Port Fairy which is about another hour away, you should make it because you only have about an hour and a bit of daylight driving left and then you will be driving through bush and wallaby land, which you don‘t really want to do!! We jumped right back in the car and put the foot down.


Well, when we arrived at this place, it was like the twilight zone, it was just like a Chain Saw Massacre town. The YHA (hostel) which we stayed in was soooo strange. We stayed in what was actually named on the fire plan as a stable! Real strange but we had so many laughs in there!


The next day we had a 9 hour drive ahead of us! It was in the middle of feck all land, couldn't believe it! I was so disappointed though because we didn't see any wildlife besides sheep, cows and birds. We didn't see any koalas, anteater things, armadillos or dingbats!! We saw loads of Kangaroos and Wallabys - all dead beside the road!! Although we did see one live kangaroo which was about 8 foot tall and absolutely huge!!!! I was doing about 180km and I was whingeing about not seeing any kangaroos and imagining I had seen an ostrich when we saw this giant thing standing by the road. I said, is that a kangaroo, is that a kangaroo?? and I slammed on the breaks and was at about 40km in around 4 seconds, and the daddy kangaroo looked at us and then hopped across the road into the bushes!!! Wwe were too stunned to take a photo. It was ma-hooosive!!! We finally arrived in Adelaide at about 5pm.


We were supposed to be moving in to this three bedroom house in south Adelaide. When we got there, it was a room with a sofa bed, a double mattress a six-person dining table and a TV. It was nice for one person, or maybe a couple but it was hardly a three bed house!! Luckily we had booked the car for the extra day, otherwise we would have been stuck in some random place which was North of Adelaide, not south… and this man was a cabbie!!! Very random!!! We managed to book into a really nice little hostel called Hostel 109! Malcolm - the owner, gave us a nice cosy triple room. Lovely!!!


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Last Night in Melbourne and Road Trip

Melbourne - Port Fairy - Adelaide, Australia