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Paddy's Day 2009 - Wahhooooo!!

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Paddy's day!!!!  Chell left for her flight to NZ at about 11. I went shopping for a Paddy’s day outfit. Didn’t find anything so was on my way back when Chell called. They wouldn’t let her on the flight to NZ because she didn’t have a return ticket from NZ or a visa. They had rescheduled her flight until the Wednesday so she asked if she could crash in our room because they didn’t have any room in Base. She got the piss ripped out of her from the guys. At least she got to celebrate Paddy’s day and not be sitting on a plane! The guys decorated these lime green t-shirts which they all brought, oh yeah they also had matching shorts!!! As I couldn’t find anything to wear, I decided to improvise. I had a green beach dress which I brought with me, I cut it up so it looked like a pixie dress and made little shamrocks to stick to my flip flops!! Then Darragh, Maria and Chell convinced me to make a leprechauns hat out of a green Coles bag!! It looked pretty good, although you could see it was a Coles bag!!! Ha ha!! When we were finally ready, which was about 8, oh and after drinking two boxes of goon between 4 of us, we made our way down to Bridie O’Reilly’s. The guys had been there since 5 and the place was heaving!! The queue went round the block and it was about 2 hours wait. Maria managed to get us in within about ½ hour!!! Had a wicked night!! Came back to Base at about 12 and we just finished off there, had a few free drinks and then headed off to bed!!


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Paddy's Day 2009

Melbourne, Australia