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Ale & me

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Here we are...
perhaps you don't know that Aleksandra is not only a wonderful traveller of this web site, but, first of all, she is a very lovely friend of mine...
Yesterday I had to go and work to Velletri in the afternoon, so 2 day ago, in the middle of the night, I sent a sms to Ale, asking her if she was sleeping.... she was, but her self-phone was on...
In the morning, when I woke up, I found a sms in which she was worried that something bad could have happened to me, because it was the first time I was writing to her in the night... I answered that the previous night I wanted to ask her if she would have liked to come with me to Velletri, leaving in the morning, and having a trip together at the roman castles...
She immediatly prepared herself (in about 20 minutes) and we left Civitavecchia by car.
So we arrived in Frascati, we visited the town centre and the wonderful Villa Aldobrandini, a wonderful building of the end of the Renaissance time: the entrance is for free, but visitors are allowed to visit only the garden, the buildings are military zones now.
When we arrived at the big fountain, Ale made her first steps in the climbing world pushed by me, with her great disappontment ;-)
After the visit of the garden we took the car again and on the way to Velletri, where I had to work (I thought for no more than 3 hours), we had some photo stops in Rocca di Papa and at the Nemi lake.
Once in Velletri, I immediately went to work, and she started visiting the town... probably she will upload much more pictures of Velletri than me, so go and give a look to her albums!
Unfortunatly I worked from 3pm to 8pm...
If you want to know what she did in all that time, ansk to her, but I guess she will never answer to my invitations so quickly again... ;-((


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I castelli romani con Aleksandra

Frascati, Rocca di Papa, Velletri, Italy,Italy