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Second and Third Week Update

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So Thursday I moved back to base. Moved into a room with some really nice people. Also met Chell that day in the smoking room. We went out that night and she introduced me to Goon. Oh dear, what a mistake. Goon is this really bad wine which has never seen a grape in all it’s life. It is filtered through fish eggs or something, and not the good kind like caviar, the shit stuff!! Not only that but it comes in boxes of 4 litres and is $10!!! Cheap as chips!!! We had a few drinks in the bar and then I can’t really remember what really happened for the rest of the night other than Maria and Carl coming home late and waking me up. They were putting things on Neil when he was asleep. He had all sorts in his bed, then they started writing on his back with Nutella. Then when Neil woke up and told them to piss off, they decided to put Luke (another guy in our room), well they decided to put Luke’s hand in the jar of Nutella. Had a chuckle about that then went to bed.


On Friday, I went shopping and brought some work clothes (what a waste of time that turned out to be). In the evening, me and Chell just sat in my room, drunk goon and were just chatting and stuff then Carl, Neil, Maria, Rob and Luke came in and we started playing card and drinking games. Ended up extremely drunk!!! Me and Maria walked round to the bank and then came back and everyone was sleeping!


Saturday I had a lazy day, just sat on the internet and applied for loads of jobs. In the evening, we drank goon again in the room, it actually starts to taste ok after a few boxes. Then at 1am we went to Greasy Joes to watch the United Liverpool game. I stayed out until about 2 and then came home cos I was about to fall down. When the others came home, they made an utter racket and woke up the entire room. Neil, on Chell’s instructions, came and rattled my bed so I would wake up! Thanks guys!!!


Sunday was ok, not quite sure what happened in the day time. Had we got some more goon and was playing cards again in the room. Me and Chell went down for a smoke and ended up in the Vineyard with Aaron, Joe and Claire. Joe went out for a smoke and then couldn’t get back in so we grabbed the goon and went to the beach. It is so pretty in the dark although the pictures didn’t come out too good. We were sitting right behind thid sand dune, lucky really because the police come moseying around so we had to down what we had and leg it. That was pretty funny!! Apparently they can give you a $250 fine and even deport you if you are drinking out in public. I didn’t know this beforehand!


Monday was Chell‘s last day, we decided to go to the Food and Wine festival, Craig came along too. We got there at about 2pm and it was all over. So we decided to go along to the Loreal Fashion Show in Docklands. When we got there it didn’t start until 5pm. We wandered round docklands for a while, found a really good shopping centre, by the time 5 came around, we couldn’t be bothered to go!!! Came back to Base and just bummed about. We played some cards and I think we stayed off the goon and had an early night.


Tuesday was Paddy's day.  Wicked night (see other journal).


On Wednesday I had a really lazy day, Chell left again. This time she got her flight, not after she woke me really early to help her book her flight home!! Spent most of the day looking for more jobs and then Maria and I went for fish and chips, it was lovely!! I think I had a night off the goon and just sat I the room playing cards. Although I may be wrong…


Thursday it started getting really hot again so Me, Maria and Amy went down to the beach and then all the lads joined us. It was ladies night and we were going to go down to Tongue and Groove for $2 pints but I felt really crappy cos my cold had come back. Ended up in bed by 9pm.


Friday Maria and I went to the beach again. We were chatting and I decided to go to Adelaide with her and Amy. We just lounged around on the beach for most of the day, after a couple of hours we went back to Craig’s room and watched the Green Mile and then later Maria and Craig went to the DVD shop and rented Wall-E. Started to watch that but then was really tired so had another early night.


Saturday was a really good day, me, Maria and Amy went to the beach. Covered myself in suntan lotion but still got burnt!! Not really bad but my back was pretty red!! We got a box of goon and just played cards. We waited in until about midnight and then me Maria and Craig got a taxi into town to watch the rugby. We went to Pog Ma Phon’s watched the England match. And then at 4am the Ireland match started. Had a really good night, got completely smashed, didn’t get home until 10.30 in the morning. Wicked night.


Had a couple of hours sleep and then just lounged around for a bit, me, Craig and Andrew went to the video store and rented Finding Nemo. Came back and we all watched Finding Nemo. Fell asleep for a bit afterwards. We were supposed to go out that night but we were all so messed up from the night before that we couldn’t be arsed. Neil was well disappointed cos he wanted to go South Yarra with the girls for our last proper night out. Played cards for a bit then went to bed.


Monday was our last night in Melbourne. Spent most of the day packing and getting my stuff together. Booked the car to get us to Adelaide. It was $210 for 3 days. Not bad really between three of us. Anyway, didn’t do much else that day. That night we got, oh yes yet another box of goon!! Got ready and had a few drinks down in the bar, then me, Maria, Karl, Neil and Joe grabbed the goon and walked round to Tongue and Groove. Joe and I came out to have a fag and Joe was so mashed they wouldn’t let him back in. He has got chucked out from everywhere I have been out with him!! Maria was also very drunk so Neil, Karl and Maria went back to Base. Joe and I walked up to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow. How we got in, I will never know, Joe was falling all over the place and wouldn’t sit down. The barman kept giving him bottles of water when he was asking for drink. We saw Aaron, Andrew and a couple of the other lads in there too. But, thanks guys, they left me to try and get Joe back to base. We decided to get some food for the walk back. There were a group of guys outside the food place who we were talking too, they ran across the road cos two of their friends started fighting. I was trying to get Joe to move cos they were really loud and I was worried he would get into a fight, he decided that he was going to steal their food whilst they were over the road. We walked down to the beach and we sat freezing cold on the beach chatting absolute bullshit until about 4 o’clock!! Anyway, finally managed to persuade Joe to move his arse and come back to the hostel!! What a nightmare. Drunken Irish, what you gonna do!!! Gerry have a word!!! Got back to the hostel at 4.30, I was buzzing at the fact I had to get up at 6 and drive the Ocean Road!! Lovely!!! Had a really good last night in Base and Melbourne thou!!!


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