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Two Week Update - Continued

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So where was i... Thursday, yeah so Thursday, went into town, didn't really do much but walk around, in the evening it was ladies night, all the girls get free champagne between 9 and 11 (the guys do too if they dress up).  Me and a group of girls i met the night before (Spyroulla, Kelly and Claire), went over the Vineyard down the road (after being fed up with how crowded it was in the hostel bar).  We had a really good night!!


On Friday, me and Spyroulla went into town and went shopping for an outfit for our big night out on the Saturday.  In the evening, Spyroulla, Kelly, Lauren and I went for a chinese, it was lovely; not as nice as back home mind, but it was fab!


On the Saturday i had to get up really early - 6am as my coach was picking me up at 7 for my trip to the Great Ocean Road.  It was absolutely excellent!  It was soo beautiful, i was thinking about going on the helicopter ride but my camera was running out of batteries so i wouldn't have got any pics so didn't bother.  Had a wicked time, got back to the hostel at around 9.15pm.  Bloody long day.  Met this guy on the tour who had two black eyes, a broken nose and a big scar across his forehead.  Was chatting to me and he was telling me that two weeks before the trip he was on his way home from a night out in a little town just below Sydney, and he was jumped by three aboriginals.  They stole his phone, money and passport, beat him up and was stamping on his head.  He said he woke up in a pool of blood by the side of the road and had to flag down a car.  He spent two weeks in hospital!!  It was madness.  I couldn't believe the state of him.  He had booked the tour about a month before as well as a weeks stay in Melbourne but now had to spend the week contacting the British embassy to try and get his passport and money sorted out.  Crazy!!


Anyway on Saturday, when i got back from my tour, i got in, got ready and met the girls in the bar.  At around 11, we made our way into town and ended up in this night club called the Night Cat.  It was brilliant.  It was Funky Jazz and Reggae.  We thought it was going to be a salsa club.  It was so good.  We then went to a hip hop joint called Red Violin.  That was a ok, but a bit lame!  Got in at about 4am.  Really wicked night!  Thanks girlies xxx


On Sunday, chilled out for most of the morning and then Spyroulla, Helen and I went for a walk up Chapel Street.  That was great!  We walked almost to town (then jumped the tram) and then we went and had Greek for dinner.  That was lovely!  Came back and just had a drink in the bar.


Monday was a public holiday.  Don't think i did anything remotely exciting, oh yeah i thought i better start applying for some jobs, so sat on the internet all day and just sent my CV to every agency i could find.  Had a relatively early night.


Tuesday, Helen and I had to move out of Base as we didn't pre-book and there wasn't any beds left for us.  We moved into Cooee down the road.  It is quite nice in there, although i didn't think to much of the rooms not having bathrooms.  The whole floor had one bathroom to share.  Although it was never that busy and  there were 3 shower cubicles and 4 toilets.  Anyway, we moved there and then we went into town, went to Victoria Market which was nice, although we didn't get there until 1 so we only had an hour, but it was ok. I couldn't believe how cheap the fruit and veg was.  I brought 5 bananas and 5 apples and it cost me $3!!  Bargain!!  And they were real fresh and tasty too.  After that we went to the Old Melbourne Gaol, that was a bit spooky, we paid $16 each.  We went to the watch tower and they do this really cheesy thing where they arrest you and put you in the cells and turn off the light and leave you there for around 5 minutes.  Not very nice.  Then we had a wander round the museum which was really quite interesting.  In the evening, we came back to the hostel, had a bottle of wine and went to bed.


Wednesday i went shopping for some clothes because i didn't bring nearly enough stuff or any of the right clothes.  Anyway, the day before, we had found the DFO in town (direct factory outlets) with some quite cheap shops.  Brought some bits and pieces.  Came back and said goodbye to Helen, as she was heading off to Sydney and then when i was ready, i met Robbie D for a drink and bite to eat.  Had a really good time, haven't seen him for so long, it was great to see him again.  I think we got rather drunk and it was just like old times back at Pilks.  It felt so strange sitting in Australia looking out onto the beach with someone you worked with in England!!  Can't explain it but it was wierd but cool!!


Getting a bit tired now, gonna go for a fag and then head to bed! 


Mwah xxx


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