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Two Week Update

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Hey, so haven't had a chance to sit and write anything for the last week.  Been too busy getting pissed and wandering round Melbourne like a lost sheep!

So, what did i do on the first week, can't remember now!!  Oh yes, Elaine, have a bone to pick with you!!!  First day i walked, yes walked into Melbourne City from St Kilda!!!!  You told me it was walking distance, well it took me, what... three and a half hours!!!  And i got burnt!!!  Decided to get the tram back!  By the time i got into town and found somewhere to rest, it was time to find my way back.  But, it wasn't all that bad, the beach was lovely and the weather was beautiful.  Looked like a lobster when i got back, although certainly helped me get chatting to people.

So what else... so that was Monday.  On Tuesday i went into town and did the tourist stuff, did St Pauls Church, rode the free tourist shuttle bus and tram, went to some art galleries, they were nice but now i know art is not really for me, didn't get blown away by anything!  Although there was some indigenous art piece which was really sad, it was called 'If i were a white man'.  It was written by an aboriginal and it was about his struggles and the fact that the Aussie settlers were really racist towards the aboriginals.  It was quite sad.  And yes they are so racist here, i can't actually believe how openly about it they are - i know it isn't everyone but god, the majority of Aussie people i have met - although, most of them have been crack heads so maybe that had something to do with it!!  Not good!!

Wednesday i went shopping, didn't really buy much, what else did i do, oh yes i went to the parks Fitzroy and some other one which i can't remember the name of.  Got some pretty pictures, but it was a bit scary because as i was walking into one of the parks, some of the branches from the trees started to crack and fall down to the ground.  I stayed on the paths after that, didn't fancy getting knocked out by a fat branch!!  In the evening, had a drink in the bar, between 6 and 7 every day, because i was in the sanctuary rooms (which are just for girls) you got as much free champagne as you could drink.  Think it is more like sparkling wine - bad wine at that, but we have raspberry in it and it tastes almost nice. 

Anyway, going to go now cos have to meet someone and i need a fag!!!

Ciao for now!!!!!  Miss you all!



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