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Alpine Meadows

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Alpine Meadows

-Holiday Prices: (Memorial Day Weekend) $40 for Half day (12:30pm)  $60 All day (8am-4pm)
-One of the nicest Ski resort.
-They are really children friendly
-People were very nice.  Not rude like other places.
-The moutain was not crowded at all.  The lifts only took about 2-5 minutes wait.
-The only place that was crowded was the cafeteria area.  What we did:  We bought our food and took it downstairs.  There were plenty of seats there... Good enough for us!
-I recommend after getting off the lift, sit on the snow and look around.  It is so beautiful.  Just think about the ski resort area being inside a crater full of white snow.  Alpine Meadows is like its own skii mountain. 
-Just check out my pictures.. they are amazing!


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