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Leshan, and that Buddha I wouldn't shut up about

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Woot, I saw my Buddha. So this morning I took a (Chinese Only) tour to see him. Noone speaks any English to speak of, and yet I adore every one of them! First there is the wonderful girl who sat down next to me, speaks a tiny bit of Chinese and has taken care of me all day long :)

Our first stop was a wierd-ass rest-stop/ shopping place for jewelry & rocks/gems. I have no idea...

Second stop- Lunch! Served family style on a lazy susan, about 15 dishes of yummyness, no idea what they were, 15 ppl at the table, you just fill a bowl with rice and grab with your chopsticks bits off the lazy susan as they fly by! I was abhorrant at this at first so my sweet new friend from Guanxi (whose name I do not have a clue!) started grabbing it for me and tossing it in my bowl. She also helped me understand what was going on all day, with one word in English and a whole lot of hand gestures. Everyone is SO nice! There is a little girl, maybe 5, who knows a few English words & keeps running over & whispering them at me :)

Third Stop- The Buddha. He's huge, he kicks ass, I have great pictures of people standing in front of him alleging to pick his nose or grab his ear. Like 25 Chinese people have pictures of themselves with me (I saw 2 other non-Chinese couples the whole day, they were not with a tour, but had come independantly as far as I could tell) I listened to the tour guide tell an hour long very entertaining story about the Buddha, of which I understood not a single syllable. But I looked rapt! lolz.

Also got to see a Buddhist temple actually being used for once.

Downside, room is a shit-hole. Hope I don't get bed-bugs (thanks you-know-who for making me paranoid!!)



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