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Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge to Kunming

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Today I went to Tiger Leaping Gorge, which admittedly was one of the places I planned my trip around. Turns out I have unbearable altitude sickness, and after 4 hours of dizzy, disoriented, and desperately lost hiking, I decided to go back down the mountain, without seeing the gorge. Problem was by that point (& mind you I was alone, I'd told my group to go on when I realized just how slow I was going to have to go, figuring another group would overtake me) I was delerious, and an elderly Chinese man shouting at me was simply more than I could handle. I had what I assume was essentially an anxiety attack & got myself so worked up that I was sobbing hysterically, could barely walk, and couldn't see a damned thing. Fortunately, I found some goats, & watching them frolick about the mountain calmed me to a point of moderate composure.

Shakey, but OK I managed to make my way back down the mountain, cutting through terraced fields. A few times I got lost, or fell & hurt myself, resulting in my again sobbing with the fervor of a broken-hearted child, but I eventually made it down, got some medication in me & headed to lower ground. I am going to have to replan my trip significantly - but thats ok, now I am on a sleeper bus (yes there are such things here) headed to Kunming.


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