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2nd Day in Hong Kong

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So ... Second day in Hong Kong ... well, was pretty random, got up early and had breakfast in some mad local place. Had some chicken burger and sausage for breckie, the chicken looked like cat, not joking, although it tasted pretty good!! Then went back to the hotel and got my cab to a tour I joined which was amazing. Got a coach to a temple called Man Mo Temple which was really nice, loads of locals praying and that, real pretty statues. Then we headed off to The Peak which is the highest point in Hong Kong, where you can see over the city. Got some really amazing pictures, but they don't do it justice. You can see all the mountains and shit in the background. We then jumped back on the coach and drove to Aberdeen Village, which is a fishing village. That was real cool, I took a tour on a fishing boat which took you into the local fishing village on the water and you saw how the fishermen live. It is crazy because the people who had taken over the local marina had told the fishermen that they had to move from the shore and go to the back of the harbor. you could see the village mingling in with the vast array of new glass buildings. Crazy contrast!! Back on the coach we then went to a little jewelery factory which I think was just a concessionary visit where they were hoping for a few sales, OK jewelery, nothing special. We then went to Stanley market, that was cool, brought a really cool necklace which was Jade and silver, apparently very good luck. At about 7.30 the coach dropped us off in Kowloon so we could see the laser light show. That was cool, although I don’t think it warrants the big hype it gets.

The tour guide was really nice, I thought at the time that I had left my cash card back at the hotel so told the guy I had to go back to the hotel and wouldn't be able to go to the light show. He wanted me to experience this “amazing show” so he lent me HK$56.20 so I could get a bus home after the show and get some food. I thought that was really kind of him and especially after he told us earlier that a typical wage for the locals was between HK$8k - HK$10k. That is between £800-£1000 a year!!! Mental, it is so expensive over there too, I don’t know how they survive. He said I could just leave the money at the hotel reception for him in the morning.

Anyway, I had a wander around the city and then jumped on a bus back. I then had a quick drink in the bar before heading to bed.


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