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1st Day in Hong Kong

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Hello, missing you all loads!!! I can't believe I am actually here!! It's strange because I keep thinking I am on a normal holiday or at home or something, and then I look up and there are these big mountain hill things everywhere and it just seems so surreal! I am really enjoying myself!!


So...what happened today... well, I landed at about 8.30 this morning. When I say that landing in Hong Kong International is the scariest thing I have ever experienced, I’m not joking!! The captain said his little bit about getting ready to descend into Hong Kong, so you look out the window like you do, and all you can see (well, I was in the middle aisle) is the sea! On both sides!! I thought, ok, then "duff" we were on the runway and the breaks were slammed on!! I thought for a split second that I would have to put my life vest on!! But no, the terminal buildings appeared from no where!!


Anyway... got the shuttle bus to my hotel which is beautiful!! Not made up my mind about the street its on, it is quite run down. Had to wait for my room to be prepared and then after I unpacked a few bits, I went out for a wander. Found a small shopping centre, and had a McD's, wasn't feeling strong enough to sample the local food hanging in all the windows. Some sweet little Chinese school kid gave me a coupon, I thought that was really nice!! Went for a walk around this pretty little park and in the middle of the park is the Kowloon Walled City Park. It is stunning! Apparently it was originally imperial offices which divided the territories and then it’s defences strengthened by the British when forts were built but was then destroyed when the Japanese occupied the area. Anyway the history of it is really interesting, although I wouldn't have known too much had I not looked it up when I got back to the hotel. Most of the plaques were in Chinese.


After that I came back to the hotel, at about 2.30ish. I had completely ran out of energy after being awake for sooooo long so couldn't face making my way through a mad city where i cant read anything, trying to get on buses I don't understand, so just stayed in and reorganised my bag a bit, as it was a bit all over the place. The rest of my day has been quite mellow really. I am however, sitting one of the hotel bars (which has an English theme) on my little netbook drinking red wine and smoking. Yes smoking, so chuffed at that, can't smoke in my room!! It does feel weird, keep thinking they are going to come and send me outside.


I think that is all I have to say for myself today, might have something small to eat in the bar and then have an early night. Got lots to fit in tomorrow so need to build my energy up.


So mutley crew, I will speak again soon xxxxx


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