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Current situation in the Middle East is very unstable and alarmin

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 Current situation in the Middle East is very unstable and alarming. Politicians of the region, as always, seem to have no realistic ideas as to how the conflicts can be solved. What concerns the most are inhuman conditions that people are living in. Humanitarian aid for the Gazans seems to be constantly delayed while people are being deprived of basic supplies of food and water. The aid that actually comes to the needy is not even close to securing them a normal nutrition. And that is only one aspect that generates a normal living.  Recovering of Gaza's infrastructure will take years, but will Gazans ever recover from the loss of innocent lives? They have lost their homes, and schools, clinics, factories and businesses have been destroyed. I recommend you to read a book called The Age of Nepotism which talks about this and many other world's issues. The author Vahid Razavi speaks for those who are subjected to injustice and cruelty, as he speaks of how the conflicts between neighbors occur and how we can all work on successfully avoiding them in the future. You can also check out the site


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