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Key Largo - Take Enjoy of Casino at Casino Boats

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A Floida keys is not a single city and this city is a region of Florida. This city is made up of the approximate of 1700 islands of south and southwest of Florida. I came to know about this city when I was surfing on net. As I came to know about this then I think why not I should go there? At this place, we can get the large opportunities of recreational activities. To keep all these things in my mind I planned that whenever I got the time then I visit this major island city. When I told my friends about this city then they laughed at me and give me comment that you are joking. When I came back from this city and showed my images and videos to my friends then they feel guilty and said we loose this great opportunity. I also came to know about this city very closer also. As this city is a group of 1700 island but out of these only some islands are for traveling. Out of these islands four islands are most famous like Key Largo, marathon, Islamorada, and big pine key. When I came to know about this city while surfing then for the purpose of accommodation I also search some hotel sites with the help of hotels in florida keys and more also. When I finalize this trip in the month of July 2008 then I started to see these hotel sites. Out of these sites some sites were good which were offering the best opportunities. But I have to select only one of them for reservation. After a lot of thinking I like to go for cheap hotels in Florida Keys which was giving an exciting offer on booking and made my reservation through this site. After completion of my reservation I take my air ticket and fly to this city. I went to this city by air for six days. My flight dropped me on Miami international airport from where I take a car on rent for Key Largo which was the best option. I also found a lot of attractions which reaching to this city by the route of US1. When I reached to my hotel then I found that my hotel was well furnished with all the modern facilities and the architecture was so amazing! As this was the starting day of my trip so first of all I need to take some refreshment and some rest because I was so tired during my journey. At the time of late evening, I went to shopping stores for taking junk food and knowing more about the attractions of this city. As this day I can’t do more but this was also interesting. After this, I take dinner in a restaurant which was available in my hotel and providing all types of dishes at cheap rates. After taking my dinner I prepared myself for next day and go to bed for a good sleep. The next day, after freeing from daily routine and breakfast I went for Key Largo Island which was the most popular tourist destination and known by the name of “Diving capital of the world”. At this island I take a lot of enjoy of diving, boating and fishing which were so interesting. I went to casino boats where I played a very little game but this was interesting. On the second day of my trip, I went to John Pennekamp coral reef state park which was very large recreational area and at this place I do swimming, camping, picnicking, and fishing also. This day, I take a Harley bike on rent and take enjoy of biking. This day I also enjoy the nightlife of this city which was very nice. On the third and fourth day of my trip, I went to marathon which was a long narrow island and all the facilities are available there just like a town. I spend my two days at this island. I catch this island by bus. At this island I do fishing, diving, and kayaking. In marathon kayaking was most interesting and it was available for both beginner and experienced. This day I also went to sombrero beach which was a beautiful picnic place. I take my lunch at this place and this area allows everyone to relax with shady trees and warm breezes. I also enjoy a lot at this place. At this island I also the nightlife and shopping. On the fifth day of my trip, I went to Islamorada Island and it is most famous for fishing and has its own recognition as “sport fishing capital of the world”. At this island a lot of attractions were there. At this island first of all I saw the Crocker wall which was very large and the guide was telling that it is 450 foot long in 50 feet of water. There were different kinds of reefs but I went to pickles reef which provides the wonderful opportunity to encounter the reef’s minutia, from flamingo tongue cowries to banded coral shrimp, all amid a dynamic coral reef in only 20 to 25 feet of water. I also saw the eagle which was a very large ship and this ship was looking as a dive attraction. This ship was sunk in 110 feet of water and reset on her starboard side. At this island, I take my lunch at bob’s bunz which was a charming bayside restaurant and most popular for tourists and local public also. I also enjoy the nightlife of this city and went to ocean view inn and sports bar for celebrating this beautiful night. On the sixth day of my trip I came back to Key Largo where I spent some time in my cheap hotel rooms and manage all the memories. After this I checked out my hotel and came back to home with these nice memories. Really this city is most beautiful and the moments which I take from this will never be pay for them. These days were less for me but this city made these days most memorable. If god also asks from me that what you want in your life then my wish will be only that to spend my life in Florida Keys.


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Key Largo - Take Enjoy of Diving

Florida Keys, United States