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Just Checking In...

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Hey all!

Just checking in!!  I've finally found some time to get online and check things out.  I've missed the Internet! I actually got to watch the Yanks/Red Sox game last Saturday night/Sunday morning Rome time!  It was nice to have a taste of home.  Rome was great.  Seeing all the ruins and how old the city is compared to what we know at home is just crazy.  Paris was a whirlwind.  We were there for 2 days and I slept maybe 7 hours total!


We just arrived in London and are waiting to check in at the hotel.  That's how I found some time!  First thing I did was check email, and I had 71 messages!!  Almost half were from facebook, so I went there next.  Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday!! It wasn't a great birthday because I was on a smelly train for it, but it's better than being home alone!  I love Europe, but I can't wait to get home.  I miss everyone!!


See you all soon!  I promise many many pictures are coming soon!!


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Rome, Paris & London - July 2008

Rome, Italy, Paris, France, United Kingdom,England