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Getting Excited...

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Right now I'm a little less than two weeks away from my trip!! It's very exciting.  I keep thinking that in exactly two weeks, I'll be in Rome!!! 


I have so much to do between now and when I leave, including renewing my license.  Since I'll be away for my birthday and my license expires this year, I'll have to brave the MVA before I leave.  I'm so anxious for this trip, I've been making lists for months of what I need to do.  I can't believe it has snuck up on me this quick.


We went to REI today to get some travel essentials.  After months of research, I finally got my Pacsafe bag.  No pick-pocketer is going to be slashing my bag and stealing anything!  I also got a nice money belt and some packing cubes.  I'm a habitual over-packer, so packing light is going to be hard.  I'm usually a one outfit a day kind of gal.  So this whole packing four shirts and three pairs of pants for 12 days is going to be hard. haha


I also bought a travel journal at Target, so I will be writing in there.  I hope to translate some of what I wrote on there to here.  I also hope that I find some Internet cafes, so that I can keep in touch online and update my journal on here.  Well, I'm off to do more Internet exploring, so I can be super prepared for my trip!


Wish me luck!!


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