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My day so far... Feb 2, 2009

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Hi my people!

Today was my second full day of classes.  I have been sick and i missed my first day of classes, but I am feeling much better now! 

We got here the 15th of January and stayed in a hostel for a night.  We were so so sleepy but we finally got moved in the following day to our piso.  It is a flat with four rooms and Katy and I are sharing a room until the seventh.  (very interesting hehe).  There is a Spanish girl that owns it, which is staying here, as well as two girls from Poland and one from Mexico, which are leaving on the seventh.  I really like Cristina, the girl that owns the flat.  She is super funny and cute.  She loves learning English, and I well... of course enjoy learning Spanish.  When we were sick, she tried to give us all these remedies.  It was awesome.  Really like her!

I had my placement exam the 26th of January. It was pretty easy, but I was running a fever and had vommed right before my oral exam. (Yuck)  Surprisingly I placed group II.  There is I (superior), II (advanced +), and IIb (advanced)... in my program- Diploma de Hispanicos Estudios.  I placed II which I was excited about.  Don't really even know how that happened, but it went well.  I got to feeling better over the end of last week and the weekend so I felt pretty good this morning.

Today was hilarious.  There are these girls in my classes that I <3... a french girl (Juliette), a chinese girl (Yolanda), a Japanese girl (Mari), another Japanese girl (Machiko), and two American girls (Andrea and Sara).  Most of them are in all of my classes.  It is just funny... enough said.  The rest are super smart asians and like spanish speakers from other countries.  Like 3 or 5 white people in each of my classes.  I found out very quickly that they dont play in these here classes.  They are all lecture and semi-boring but loaded with fun facts.  The profs are pretty sweet for the most part, but there is this one that just kind of stares at you like you are supposed to answer his non-questions or something.  Oh well.  We shall get along.  (Mom... be so proud)

Anyways.  Today, there was a manifestacion during my class.  (a protest).  It was funny because the profs are just like, oh well... happens all the time.  Some people thought it was like some fire alarm or something.... nope.  Just a protest of students raiding the city.  good stuff.  Then, in my Literature class, our prof busted out with some poetry.  It was not like those fifth grade acrostic things.  It was like the spanish form of some Robert Frost up in there... in a huge pack of hundreds of them.  It was quite interesting trying to find the symbolism and metaphors in the spanish language... while my prof was speaking some... 10,000 words per minute.. no kidding.  It is ridiculous, entertaining, and totally interesting, to say the least. 

I am taking...Spanish Economy, Spanish Geography, History of Spain from the 1500s, Literature, and Grammar.  I like them.  They are much harder than last semester though. 

Today I am off to teach my classes.  Then, a feast.  Buen Aproveche!

Love, meh


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