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Jamaica Part One

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I've been meaning to write a blog on my time in Jamaica for the longest time. Well I think it's about time I stopped putting it off. Ahhh where do I start though?

Well I'll just go with whatever..It was my first time travelling by myself on a plane. Well it started off pretty crappy...I was supposed to take off from Myrtle Beach and have a 5 hour layover in Fort Lauderdale and from there go to Kingston. When I get there, they immediately told me no, I could not get on the flight because I would not make it through security because of time. (Keep in mind this is Myrtle Beach). Well I was very P.Oed at this point and so was my mom. The people at Spirit Air were rude, unhelpful, and trashy. To top it off the lady who was being rude was a West Indian. There's $400 dollars of mine down the drain. If you don't know already at this point in time I haven't seen my dad in 10 years, so this trip meant a lot to me. My mom feels really bad by now so she tells me to sit on this bench while she tries to figure something out. I'm just sitting there watching all the LAME-Os walk by. I remember thinking these people have no sense of style. I must've been really mad. So my mom and I decide to take twenty steps to the left and get a ticket from Delta instead. This one has a stop in Miami which isn't bad, for like $500. We rush through security and LUCKY me is chosen to be searched some more. This lady starts patting me down and I have the urge to giggle when she goes down my leg. She searches everything in my suitcase at the same time trying to make conversation. I have to throw away my bug spray because it's too big. Then I realize this ticket is one way only. !!! So we end up leaving. Now you know why i hate Myrtle Beach..besides the fact that it's trashy with nothing to do there. On the way back home we stop at this Jamaican restaurant. yay. food. Finally we get home and tell all 18 of my siblings what happened and Gay Molly too + my dad. We scour the Internet looking for flights for the next day all of them are really expensive. We were lucky enough to find US Airways had a flight from Charlotte for one hundred and some odd dollars more than my original flight with Spirit Air to Montego Bay which is wayy farther away from where my dad lives.(Don't fly spirit AIR!!!!) They suck. I go to bed early and the next morning me and my mother make our way up to Charlotte. This time we make sure we're EXTRA early! I fell asleep on the way there. I just remember waking up and seeing a big statue of a horse at the airport. I liked Charlotte's atmosphere a lot better than Myrtle Beach's. It was actually cool. Checked in. My mom sat with me for a while, but then she had to go to work. I like public places like airports because you see so many people, different types of people. I was sitting by this Jamaican guy who was listening to his iPod REALLY loud some bootybass stuff. This other couple was really cute. They were like late 20s. They reminded me of the couple off of SNL's "Two A-Holes". A woman with really tiny shorts and heels (her cottage cheese was all over), I mean she wasn't fat, she just wasn't fit to be wearing those shorts... too hoochie mamaish, anyway the lady from the couple made a comment like "She doesn't need to be wearing that. She's not working it. If she could work it right then it would be OK" She saw me laughing at her. I think she knew I agreed with her. I saw a HANDSOME BEAST of a redhead...hahaOMG, I was hoping to get seated by him. Instead I got seated by this couple the guy had long dreadlocks and the girl was a ginger head. The were sharing their iPod ad fell alseep on each other. HOW CUTE! They seemed nice.
All these damn tourist. Jeez Jamaica. I got moved some minutes later a couple rows back because stupid little kid had to sit with his mommy. [pissin me off] jk. I got a window seat [yay] next to this old couple, I could tell by their accents that they were from up north. Ahh the flight was finally taking off. It seemed like days! The coolest part is when you finally take off, it feels like you're flying..I mean you are, but way cooler. Everyone was knocked out by then. It was FREEZING on that plane. I fell asleep and eventually woke up like 20 minutes before we landed. Everyone had to fill out some dumb customs paper. Oh yeah did I mention I was carrying a car radiator? haha I forgot about that, it's for my dad. He needed a new one. Anyway. At last the flight has ended and we get off. Walk a thousand miles to get into a LONG line of people to check in I guess. I guess it's suspicious for a sixteen year old to be travelling by herself..with a car radiator [terrorist status]. I had to pay money for bringing it in..taxes are a b*tch. To make it worse I told them more than it was worth. Oh well. What does money matter anyway? Finally I can leave customs. The guy checking my info out tells me he likes my eyes and my lips. yay. lol. Anyway I finally step outside the Montego Bay airport and I see a man standing there he sees me and he looks for a second. Then he realizes it is me. It is my dad. He gives me a hug and starts smiling. I don't remember what we are talking about though on the way to the car. I walk to the right door thinking it's the passenger side when it's definitely not. haha. Well Jamaica's terrain is really mountainous. superAwesome and green. Hilly and rigid and all that crap. My dad and I kinda catch up .. we have a lot of catching up to do. It's not like we haven't communicated throught the ten years, but I haven't seen him in person, but that's a WHOLE 'nother story. I fall asleep and wake up around the time we are driving through this place called "Fern Gully" It's like driving through.. I don't even know google it.. It's like a cave, no sun getting in just ferns on the walls..yes WALLS. Some people even try to sell touristy crap through there. Ahh This is long so I'll continue this later. I haven't even gotten to the actual Jamaica part. muaha. ok later


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