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New York, New York

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Points of Interest:
-Muse Hotel & Restaurant (Broadway & 46th)
-Disney's Little Mermaid on Broadway (46th)
-M&M Store
-Nintendo World Near Rockefellar Center
-Rockefeller Center- Skating
-The Bull
-Ride the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty (make sure you go online and reserve your tickets to actually go up the statue.  Without it, you can only stay in the bottom)  They don't sell it there.  Must get it online with your tickets.
-Aroma (very cute and romantic restaurant)
-Maribelle Chocolate Tasting
-Soho Shopping
-Feed the squirrels near the ferry
-Halal Carts (get the Italian sausage!) Must eat this every day!
-Strawberry (Cheap clothes for girls... pretty cute)
-Eat cheesecake at Juniors!
-Do not go to a lounge called Milk & Honey (its really in the scary parts of New York and I swear it was abandoned, but not)  & forget about getting a taxi home.  Taxis don't even go there!
-Like in SF you can actually call a taxi cab company & get a cab.  But in New York, there is no such thing.  Just waive them down. 
-Go to New York's China town
-Everything is pretty much open all night.  All restaurants... I swear people in New York really don't sleep.  For Reals!
-Bring lots of warm clothes during the winter.  You will literally freeze!  Items: ear muffs, scarf, gloves, beanie, hat, long peacoat, boots, turle neck.  Your gloves, peacoat and scarf will be your best friend (u will wear it everyday)
-They say if your'e in New York, you gotta take the Subway.  Okay I did.. and it was scary!  There was this stinky & huge bum that walked around, inside the train.  His BO was so deadly... and yup it was scary.  I will never do it again!  It smelled like piss!


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Just us in Time Square-Broadway NY

New York, United States