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Village and Samsok

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So, a little more detail about Samsok’s village, where we were so blessed to have been welcomed as visitors: as soon as we entered the village, we had a trail of folks following right behind us. We all ended up gathered in front of Samsok’s family’s house, men and women crouched down, babies in arms, kids gathered together, and the chairs set out for us. The village began to tell us about the year they had had – low rain fall led to a low rice harvest, in fact they were already running scarce. They had problems with the bird flu, and being a self-sustaining community, were looking into a grim year ahead. Bounkham was able to share with them about possible SEAFM involvement, and offered some agricultural tips – maybe to plant different crops in addition to the rice – and also suggested the women use their talents in weaving to make handicrafts that SEAFM might be able to help sell. The church was also looking into trying to get some chairs or benches to be able to accommodate more people inside the home during services. So, we sat around and talked (well, those who spoke Lao… the rest of us pretty much stuck to the greetings and smiling a lot), and before we left, as is Lao custom, we had a small meal with Samsok’s family.


You know how I just mentioned that the village had a short supply of rice and food? Well, prepared before us were a couple of small baskets of rice, a soup, and a bit of meat. This is a people who honor and give – as much as they are able. These are the people whom we pray God’s blessing over 100-fold, and are glad to have someone like Samsok amidst them to help them grow and find hope in Jesus.



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Laos - N. 07-08

Oudomxay, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Laos