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What the heck did we do? Oudomxay Children’s Center

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So, here’s the thing – we travel to Northern Laos having in mind that we will be working with one of the Children’s Centers of the Lao Youth Union (the government’s division for children and youth). The first day going to the center in Oudomxay, however, we find out that it will not be a 2-hour or so long “after-school activity,” but rather an all-day session of teaching – 8am to 4pm, with a 2-hour break for lunch! : )  The key to these trips are … flexibility. The center had actually gathered the top 18 students from surrounding villages (ages around 12-17 yrs) and many teachers to come to these… “workshops” you might call them. The students and teachers were to take notes, learn, and then go back to their schools, families, villages, etc. and teach all they had learned.


So, it’s the first day of training, and we now have a whole day to fill. The question is: “what do we teach?” It was truly amazing to see how God allowed us to pull together our knowledge / life / school experience to be able to teach something of value to these students and teachers. Over the course of a few days, we were able to teach about water treatment, solar cooking and sanitation. Abi and Khamla taught about numerous health issues and cancer – breast, skin, etc. Mike shared from his physical therapy experience. Jess was able to give a small teaching on cultural awareness. I got involved in some English teaching, and we were able to play games with the group, give teachers some helpful in and out of class tools to motivate their students, and improve classroom participation. (It was fun to put some old youth group and YWAM games into the mix). The students also taught us some games, and sang and danced in traditional performance, too. It really was a great time of sharing.


In addition to the “classroom” education, it was also great that we were able to share our faith with the group. My “job” isn’t really your average career, so when it was my turn to tell about what I do, I was able to tell them that I work with youth, helping people, and study the Bible. At the end of the week, as well, we were given the opportunity to pray a blessing over the group, in Jesus’ name, read from Scripture, and sing a worship song. God really moved within our midst and blessed these students, teachers, and staff through us believers.



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Laos - N. 07-08

Oudomxay, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Laos