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Rita and Ferny walk in Granada

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In the afternoon, we arrive to Granada, not only a pearl of Spain but also one of ten most important artistic city of the world.

We reach the hotel Carlos V (booked by internet) in plaza de Los Campos, a beautiful and small square encircled with trees with to the centre a fountain, to few minutes from the monuments and the Alhambra

The hotel is situated to the 5 floor of a building (83 European to night), our room is perfect, with free wifi at reception.

The most important monument we have seen

April 1:

The Cathedral is the larger church of the city and on of the most larger of Spain, built in 1500 on the area where there was a mosque, the inside is very greater, and in particular we have remarked:

1)  the Capilla Mayor and the beautiful retablo  with scenes of the apostles and the life of the Virgo and a dome high 45 m.,  

2)  the retablo de l’Ecce Homo.

We make a tour around the building, we appreciated in particularly the façade (renaissance style) and the Puerta del Perdon  with sculptures of biblical character and animals that seems a little grotesque.

We continue to walk for the near streets, we go to the Alcaceiria, in past Arabic market, now a normal site of shops for tourists, the Plaza BibaRambla, a large square,(it was the place of the stake of the inquisition) encircled by trees with fountains, restaurants and kiosks of flowers.

In the afternoon we visit the Capilla Real, situated near the cathedral, the inside is of Baroque style, there are the tombs of the Catholic kings which are exposed in the crypt of simple lead coffins,

We have remarked:

1)the magnificent Railing in beaten iron with scenes of the life of Christ and St. John the Evangelist

2)Retablo Mayor with scenes of the life of Christ, of the Holy Trinity and of the conquest of Granada, to the sides the figures of King Ferdinando and Queen Isabella praying

3)the museum with interesting works among which Botticelli, Perugino and important Flemish painters.

We continue the visit of the city, passing for the Palace de la Madraza, containingan interesting mihrab, the Corral del Carbon, one of the most ancient monuments of the whole Andalusia

April 2: We visit the Church of Santo Domingo, gothic church of the XVI century, with inside Baroque, already centre of the inquisition, the square is full of students (it is near to an university college that has inside a beautiful cloister with trees of lemon, after we go toward the Plaza Nueva and visit the Real Cancelleria and the church of Saint Ana (mudejar art), from there we decide to take the bus 30 and make a tour on the Sacromonte, in past gipsy district.

After we direct toward the church in San Juande Dios (1737), Baroque style, to the inside the retablo of the Capilla Major, the façade has two tall bell towers with valuable sculptures.

In the afternoon we visit to the Albaicin, old Moorish district of the city, from the Plaza Nueva, we walk on the Carrera of the Darro, a road along the homonym river, goes toward the Arabic baths of El Banuelo, but they is closed for restructuring, we continue for the narrow streets with white house, we see the Casa del Castril (façade of style plateresque), which has a part of an Islamic building, now  Islamic school, climb is too hard and we decides to take the bus (31) to arrive to the Mirador S. Nicolas a beautiful square with a church, from which a splendid view of the Alhambra and the mountains of the sierra, after we go to the Plaza Larga, walking for the characteristic streets of the district, we visit the church San Salvador with his remarkable cloister, we arrive to the Plaza San Miguel Bajo, with white church,

April 3: the Alhambra.

We had booked by internet (from 3 months) the tickets, in the interval 9-9,30, I think that to describe this monument would be too long, certainly  it is the most famous and known monument in Spain and one of the ten most important of the world, which captive from century the imagination of writers and tourist, I’ll limit me therefore to narrate my impressions on some magnificent rooms of the palace.

Remark the Alhambra is one of the buildings of the Arabic medieval world remained almost intact.

The Alhambra was a real city, not only a building of the sultan.

We begin the tour going in the Patio of the Mexuar, with his four columns in white marble, ceiling of wood, stuccos from the geometric motives, then we go to the Patio de los Arraynes with to the centre a tub long 33 meters in which the palaces that surround are reflected, is difficult for me to make the idea of these magnificence, visiting this and the other rooms and patio we find us in front of masterpieces of a grandiose and original art, flood of symbolic meanings, in fact, the walls of the rooms are elegantly adorned of arabesques and plasters, the artistic writings in Arab on the walls, are verses of poems and the Koran, we admire the splendid ceiling of cedar with magnificent inlays, with references to the Koran (Salon de los Embajadores), artistic windows that look toward the Albaicin, magnificent arcs sustained by elegant columns, and then fountains in marble that water brings in the various rooms through artistic channels dug on the floors, that the culture of the water represents, deeply rooted in the Arabic culture (the water for the Arab represents the purity), the only regret is that to the Patio de Los Leones, in fact, the lions there were not, because under repair, we visit then the rest of the monument the museum, then the Alcazaba (the military part) and the Generalife (gardens), place of relaxation of the sultans.

Toward the 18.30 we make a tour for the central streets and to the department store El Corte Ingles.

April 4:  visits to the Monastery of St. Jeronimo and the church.

In the afternoon we return to the Albaicin to stroll about in the characteristics roads.

In the evening last supper in the expensive restaurant Horno de Santiago, with menu tasting of typical spanish dishes (Euro 40 each)

April 5: departure to Italy (42 euro each - Ryan Air)


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Wonderful Granada

Granada, Spain