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November 2008 Tennessee TRip

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            We visited Nashville and had lunch on the General Jackson Showboat and took a ride down the Cumberland River.  The food, entertainment and views were fantastic.  We looked around and ate at the Grand Ole Opry Hotel.  I thought that Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was huge, but it pales in comparrison to this Hotel.

            We mosied on down to Manchester and visited with Rich and Carol.  We visited Rutledge Falls and Parish Patch Farm while there.  Carol made "the most" delicious pot roast and mac and cheese for Sunday Dinner.  She would certainly give Miss Mary Bobo's competition with those two dishes. :) 

            Monday we visited Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg.  It was a very informative tour.  Our tour guide had a dry humor about as dry as the county we were in.  She made the tour.  You can buy a single pour barrell of Jack.  They label the barrell with a plate with your name and it comes delivered with all of the bottles that came out of that barrell along with the barrell.  It's about 240 bottles and the cost is from $9000 - $12,000.  They have a room full of plaques of the people who have purchased a barrell.  One that I noticed was George Straight. 

             We couldn't come to Lynchburg and not have lunch at Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House.        It was everything that I had ever heard about it.  We sat down with strangers and left as friends.  "Please pass the apples laced with Jack."  The food was delicious and I am glad that we had the experience of eating there. 

            We have made it as far as Columbia.  Perhaps today we will make it over to our property in Hohenwald....... We walked our property and took pictures.  We also looked at property that was for sale next to ours. 

          Natchez Trace Parkway was a senic ride back into Nashville.  We went down to Music City Row last night.  Ate some B-B-Q and listened to some country music.  Jason Wagoner came into one of the joints.  He is a recording artist.  Thought he might be related to Poter Wagoner but I couldn't find out anything on the net.         





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