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The best things to do in London

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Among the must-go tourist places, London is considered as one of them in terms of its natural landscapes and amazing architectural wonders. Initially, tourists may find it prohibitively expensive, but the city offers something more free things to do here than others. International museums to amazing parks, captivating cemeteries, buzzing markets, beautiful churches and viewpoints – anywhere you go, you won’t need to spend a penny there. Basically, some royal dining experiences and excursions in the capital of Britain can add up quickly, but the places are really amazing for the tourists to experience the beauty of London essence. 



Whether you are traveling with your family or it’s a business trip, you will be simply mesmerized by the appearance of this beautiful city – London.

Here, we’ve got a few of the top free tourist attractions:


British Museum:


Being one of the topmost tourist attractions in

London, the British Museum offers tourists to enter for absolutely free. If you are a passionate art lover, definitely this place is for you. It is stuffed with beguiling artifacts collected from all over the world. Here, you will find the ancient Egyptian mummies to the armour of medieval samurais, from the Rosetta stone to Anglo-Saxon burial treasure – we guarantee you to have a great time there. You will be stunned to know that just 80,000 things are on display at a time which is just 1% of the whole 8 million objects in the collection of British Museum.


House of Parliament:


The most famous clock tower across the world – Big Ben (originally known as “Queen Elizabeth Tower”) stands here to attract millions of tourists every year. The Parliament House is historic building and is a neo-Gothic architectural wonder which was built in the mid of 19th century. The building is consisting of two main houses – the Lords and the Commons. If you have arrived on a lucky day or have a booking, you can be a witness of the famous British Parliament in action.


Tate Modern Museum:


Situated on the south bank of Thames, Tate Modern is known as one of the most famous attractions in London. Enjoy the beautiful architecture of the building. If you are a passionate photographer, this place is a great destination for you to click amazing photos. The café upstairs offers an amazing view of the River Thames. Treat your tastebuds and enjoy this divine view of the British capital from here. The museum downstairs has stored wonderful collection of artifacts including the original works of Matisse, Pollock, Picasso and Warhol for free.


Greenwich Park:


Greenwich Park has a hilltop view located in the center. Head to the top and enjoy an amazing bird’s eye view of the British capital from there. You will be spellbound after watching the amazing skyline consisting of the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf looming up behind the Queen’s House of 17th-century at the background of the Thames. Don’t forget to capture the view of the heart of London. This amazing natural park is a common picnic destination among the locals on a bright summer day.


Trafalgar Square:


Who hasn’t heard about the greatest tourist attraction in London – Trafalgar Square? It was built up during the 1830s and in 1820s it was designed by John Nash. This is a true travel icon here and has got several sights to visit including the famous National Gallery and nelson’s Column. The place is also a famous political demonstration except for being a great tourist attraction. If you are planning to visit London during Christmas, don’t forget to see the marvelous Christmas tree donated by Norway.


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