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Seafood in Faro: Popular Restaurants You Should Attend

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Faro can boast of an abundance of attractive, original gastronomic institutions. Thanks to the geographical location, the basis of many dishes is freshly caught fish and seafood. One of the most popular dishes of this region, served in all restaurants is "cataplane" – fish, shellfish, prepared in a closed metal bowler. No less popular is a dish of rice with sea cuttings called "arrosh-di-lingeiran".



Where to find the best seafood restaurant? Which fish dishes you should try? This article will tell you about everything in details.


Most restaurants in Faro are located in the central tourist part of the city on the square near the Cathedral and the surrounding streets. Good fish restaurants are in the port Doca de Faro. But it's more expensive here. Pay attention to the places where the local people dine – dishes there are tastier and cheaper.


In any restaurant, snacks are almost immediately carried out. It can be bread with butter, olives, various sauces, which will be included in the bill, only if they are eaten (the cost of the set is 2-6 EUR). If the guest does not touch them – it won’t be paid. So do not refuse or try to give the dish back to the waiter if you don’t need snacks.



In institutions called "Mariscaire" they offer fish and seafood, for which Faro is famous for the whole world. This is not only branded cod "baklau", which is prepared in hundreds of ways, but also a fish soup-roast "Caldeirade", as well as sardines. The number of recipes is simply uncountable.


Now about specific restaurants:


Monte do Casal resembles a modest rural tavern. This place is very popular with those who are not indifferent to meat and fish dishes cooked on the grill. In addition to each refreshment you can order several variations of savory sauces, which makes the meal even more pleasant and refined.


Taberna Ze-Ze is a wonderful restaurant where you will be pleased not only with delicious and original seafood dishes, but also with quality service and excellent atmosphere. A particularly popular dish for tourists here is squid and shellfish stewed in oil with garlic. In addition, you are given the glass of fine wine, with the help of which the taste will become even more intense!



Chefe Branco represents a fine restaurant, offering you various seafood dishes and not only. The most delicious prawns with garlic sauce, veal with shrimps, baked fish in foil with vegetables are worth your attention. A welcoming atmosphere and good staff complement this unbeatable place.


Chalavar: based on the opinion of most tourists and locals, this is one of the restaurants where the price matches the quality. A lover of fried fish on the coals will like this place for sure. And the choice of freshly caught seafood is not bad – mackerel, cod, oysters, shrimp, flounder, squid, sardines and much more.


Aqui Del Rei – an original place with rather high prices and a small menu, but the taste of these dishes will not leave anyone indifferent. Try salad with tuna and beans as a snack, as the main course order rice with seafood and a specialty dish - shrimp stewed in tomato sauce (served as soup). Sitting at a small table is quite interesting to observe a beautiful panorama from the window.


Do not forget about the Portuguese siesta – many institutions are closed from 12:00 to 15:00, some cafes start working only from 20:00.


To get to the restaurant and explore the city you need a car – use car rental in Faro, better in the airport!


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