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Discover Sydney in Style

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Right now, Sydney is probably the most beloved metropolis in the world. The solid infrastructure combined with colorful cultural landscape and cutting edge technologies turned it into a shiny example of the “City of Tomorrow”. Along with New York City and Hong Kong, it forms a triptych of urban landscapes that offer the best soaring civilization has to offer. Still, as the years go by, Sydney appears to be the “town” that holds the edge over the other two. If you want to find out why, here’s how you can discover Sydney in style.

A blaze of landmarks

If you are a newcomer to Sydney, you’ll want to see its renowned landmarks, and if you want to do it in style, time your visit during the festivities, when Sydney Opera House boasts some of the most incredible light shows you will ever see. For a blazing, deluxe afternoon in the central business district, do a quick rundown of the most famous landmarks which include, apart from the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower Eye, Royal Botanic Garden and, of course, Darling Harbour. The opportune fact about these landmarks is that they are mostly clustered around the bay area of the central business district, which renders savoring them during a singular afternoon quite doable. In fact, with the well-organized transportation arrangements, this can be a breeze.

Vivid nightlife

Sydney is known for its rich nightlife and it will definitely leave you wanting more. You can expect a magical mix of world-class nightclubs, live music venues, innovative small bars and waterfront party playgrounds. There is no shortage of choices when it comes to  Sydney, especially its CBD. And if you are lucky enough to have a host familiar with the bustling Sydney nightlife you might end up at a private party or two, and at one of these, you might get to see a stunning nude waitress serving up drinks, which is a marvel in its own right. So as you can see, a stylish night out in Sydney might be full of interesting and memorable surprises.

Ride in style

Did you know that Sydney has some of the most expensive public transport in the world? The price tags for busses and taxis are quite staggering so, if you need a convenient way to dart around town, why not ride in style? You can easily find the best chauffeur services in Sydney and be the venerable client that has a private driver which will respond to any whims and wishes when it comes to driving around town. Furthermore, most of these drivers will know the city like the back of their hand and have tricks up their sleeves on how to get to the desired location in the quickest and the most efficient way possible. Just imagine – you leave a deluxe restaurant in your limo and arrive at the hottest rooftop cocktail bar in town before you can blink, all the while enjoying the most comfortable, roomy seating your money can buy.

Revel in the panorama

Since cocktail bars have been mentioned, you should definitely check out the bustling neighborhood of Chippendale. It has become the latest trendy part of town that offers a lot of luxurious boutique hotels rooftop cocktail bars where you can sip the artfully made beverage as you savor the panorama of the city. Still, for the most killer view of Sydney, head to the aforementioned Sydney Tower Eye, which has a deck that “floats” over 300 meters above the street level and which will give you the opportunity for an unprecedented view of the city. Time your climb as the sun approaches zenith for the most spectacular explosion of colors and a dreamlike cityscape.

Darling Harbour

Of course, Darling Harbour is the most recommended hotspot for newcomers that want to have a stylish tour of the city. It conveniently summarizes all the hallmarks of Sydney around a small dock area which is cozily tucked away in the heart of the central business district. Apart from a procession of exquisite restaurants along the docks, you also get a chance to visit the Australian National Maritime Museum, Madame Tussauds, the zoo, the aquarium and an incredible shopping center, and these are only some of the numerous interesting locales in the area.

The abundant Sydney is a city of thousand faces – every nook and cranny has something exciting to offer, a new and intriguing feature in form of a location, landmark or simply a service of top notch quality. It’s easy to become spellbound by its countless features and, should you decide to brave its streets in style, you are bound to discover your own version of Sydney – the cobweb of streets and alleyways that caters to your tastes in every conceivable way. This feature is probably what renders it such an enticing and exciting town of tomorrow.



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A High Style Guide to Sydney

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