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Healing With Travel After Your Divorce

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In the initial period after your marriage comes to an end, it is normal to experience a great deal of sadness, pain and grief as you try to process your divorce and set your sights on the next chapter in your life. Whether this was an uncontested divorce, in which both you and your ex-spouse agreed to end the marriage, or whether filing for divorce was initially your idea, experiencing moments of sadness or loneliness when your marriage truly is over is to be expected. Then again, maybe you're looking at your newly-divorced status as something to celebrate, and are optimistic about the future now that you are no longer married. It's quite normal to feel either way, or a combination of both, once your divorce has been finalized; after all, each marriage, like each person, is unique and we all process events like divorce in different ways. If your divorce has left you feeling hurt, depressed, excited or happy, one thing is certain: traveling after you have finalized your divorce can help you to process the emotional roller-coaster and provide the closure you need.
Where Should I Go?
Your first post-divorce travel destination is entirely up to you, but try to take your current feelings and overall state of mind into account before you book any vacations. If you are experiencing extreme pain and heartbreak now that your marriage is over, for example, a wild Vegas weekend may not be the ideal travel experience at this time. On the other hand, maybe you are overjoyed about your newly-divorced status and want to celebrate your new single status. If that's the case, you may not have the time of your life in a secluded cabin in the woods! Or consider a yoga retreat. Let your current state of mind dictate where you should go, and focus on enjoying yourself in your own way once you arrive at your chosen destination. 
Should I Go Alone or With a Group?
Once again, this is a question you need to answer for yourself, since everyone copes with events like divorce in his or her own way. Some people may crave the companionship and support of a few good friends, while others may want to take time to themselves and be alone with their thoughts. If you are experiencing feelings of isolation or loneliness following your divorce, or you would just like some company, you'll likely have a much better time if you bring one or more friends along for the journey. On the other hand, if you just need time to quiet your mind, or if you want to see the world on your own after being years of being part of a couple, it may be a better idea to make this a solo mission. By being honest with yourself and your needs, you will arrive at the best travel decision for you. 
Traveling after a divorce not only can jumpstart the emotional healing process you need to go through, but it can also be a very practical idea. Taking a trip can give your ex-spouse the time he or she needs to move their belongings out of the home you shared, if they haven't done so already, without you having to be there to witness the official end of your marriage. Additionally, neither of you will have to deal with the awkwardness and pain that can come from the final parting of the ways if you are off on the post-divorce trip of a lifetime when your ex comes to collect his or her belongings. No matter how well you think you have handled your divorce, and regardless of how peaceful your uncontested split may have been, it's possible that seeing your ex actually leave for good will cause a good deal of sadness. Making fun travel plans to occupy you while your ex-spouse is moving out may help soften the blow. 
Taking a post-divorce trip can help define an endpoint to the old chapter of your life while welcoming the changes and new beginnings that await you. A vacation might be the first step towards your next big adventure once your divorce is final- who knows what's in store for you in this new stage of your life? In time, you will be able to enjoy the things you used to love, as well as discover some new hobbies or interests. The healing process that comes at the end of a marriage is different for everyone, and takes time, but eventually you will feel like your old self again- or possibly even better! 


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