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All About Using Guns and Its Safety Measures

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If you have a gun, or you are planning to get one, it is very important to understand the responsibilities which come along owing a firearm. Besides, there are many things to learn about its operations and maintenance. Guns are dangerous, but they don’t work on their own. So, the more you know about them, the safer you are.


If you know nothing about guns, don’t worry at all, in this guide we have covered all the basic details which every beginner must know. Besides, if you have purchased a firearm from a reputed company like modern arms, you can be rest assured that they will provide all the assistance needed. Well, let’s get started then…


How a gun works?


The basic concept on which a gun works is accelerating a heavy object - bullet. It pushes the bullet at an extremely high speed and thus it can hit something from far and destroy it with its force.


To understand this better, it can be said that it works just like a car engine. When gasoline enters a small space, spark plug causes an explosion. As a result, the expanded gas pushes into one particular direction, and this forces the piston to move, which helps the wheels to turn. Now, when you pull the trigger of the gun, similar action takes place, but instead of gas, gunpowder is exploded. As a result of this explosion, bullet is fired.


No matter what kind of gun you purchase, almost all of them are built using this same principle. Nevertheless, the only difference is about how they are loaded and what is their size.


Safely operating a gun:


Once you have purchased a gun, it is necessary that you take its good care and always store it safely. To ensure that all unwanted accidents are avoided, it is important to follow the below mentioned basic rules:


  • Operate every firearm like it is loaded and unlocked all the time.
  • Make sure the gun is always pointing towards the target.
  • Don’t place your finger on the trigger if you aren’t ready to fire.
  • Before firing, make sure what is your target and what’s around and behind it.
  • Store your firearm safely, make sure it is locked all the time and kept away from kids and adults who aren’t supposed to touch it.

Types of guns


Nowadays, many different kinds of guns are developed and circulated in the market. However, they all fall under two categories - long guns, which refer to rifles and shotguns, and handguns, which refer to pistols and revolvers.


Generally, long guns are used to fire large caliber rounds and are fired from the shoulder. On the other hand, hand guns are designed to fire smaller-caliber, and can be used with one or both hands.


Some of the most common types of guns are:


  • Bolt action rifles
  • Lever action rifles
  • Semi-automatic rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Revolvers
  • Pistols


Guns are usually used to accomplish unpleasant tasks. However, this doesn’t mean we can neglect its usage in hunting, sports and maintaining law and safety. Ultimately, how an individual uses his/her firearm solely depends on themselves. 



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