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Learn About Political Transparency And Its Effect On The Cities Of Slovakia

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Slovakia or Slovak republic or Slovensko is a central European country. The country was known for corruption in its political system, but since the transparency reforms put into practice in 2011-2012, the country has emerged as an example of transparency in the city administration bringing down the corruption across the country. The transparency rankings of Slovakia's top 100 cities published by Transparency International shows a marked improvement after the political transparency reforms in cities like Slovak city of Samorin.


The need for political transparency in a country


The political transparency is necessary to curb the corruption levels in the government. The basic human mentality of behaving properly when being watched by others or when there's a potential of being watched by others and taking better care of their own assets or capital or interests are the building blocks of the concept of political transparency. In other words, the concepts of ownership and visibility are behind the practice of political transparency.


A good example of seeing political transparency in action and its impact on the corruption levels is a law adopted by Slovakia that made publishing a contract online, a legal necessity for the contract remaining valid. Since the enactment of this law, there's a marked improvement in checking the corruption levels in various city administrations of Slovakia. This is confirmed by the improvement in cities rankings in the Transparency International's transparency rankings of Slovakia's top 100 cities.


Challenges for enacting political transparency


The biggest challenge for political transparency is convincing the politicians that it's for their benefit and it works. For politicians being more transparent and open is tougher than confiscating the properties of corrupt or raising their jail times. Another challenge is the bureaucracy’s complaint that there's an unnecessary increase in their workload. This was a major complaint in Slovakia when the contracts started being published online, but the public interest in viewing these documents nullified this complaint.


The challenge of keeping the uploaded online data updated is another hurdle, since the data ages quickly. The challenge is to build and maintain an audience, so that Government maintains its focus on continuing the political transparency. The best areas for procuring data for maintaining public interest are data related to public interest are environmental data, performance of healthcare and schools and Government spending.


The methods of conveying the data


The mode of conveying the data is an important aspect of maintaining public interest. Conveying the data by publishing detailed reports is not a popular method. A majority of people prefer a visually attractive and interactive approach. The shining example of this is the popularity of Transparency International's transparency rankings of Slovakia's top 100 cities, ranking of state-owned enterprises, etc.


The benefit of enacting political transparency is clearly evident in Slovakia. From being the most corrupt country in 2008, Slovakia has improved its ranking to 54 out of 176 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index 2016. Cities like Slovak city of Samorin are examples of the success on political transparency in the citywide administration.


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