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How Many Calories Are in Sweet Potatoes?

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It is very important to understand the foods you consume daily and weekly when planning your meals. While many foods may seem to be the healthy choice, and as a stand-alone food they are in fact just that. Always be aware of additives, such as sugars and fats when maintaining a healthy diet.
Sweet potatoes come in a number of varieties and are also referred to as a yam. These hearty plants usually thrive in the south, and include varieties such as the Covington, O Henry, and the Japanese. The yam can have the appearance of a white skin, or a red skin depending on the type you choose. While searching for calories in a sweet potato, calculate the margarine or butter you wish to add as well.
The calorie content of the sweet potato is between 103-111 calories will depend on the size of the potato. While the yam is generally a low calorie food item, many people add high fat content butter to it when preparing this food how many dry ounces in a cup, as well as high calorie sugar. When served alone in its natural state is highly nutritious.
  • Baked - 180 calories or 200 grams, per 1 cup serving.
  • Raw - 103 calories or 114 grams, per medium size Sweet Potato.
  • Raw - 54 calories or 60 grams, per small size Sweet Potato.
Nutritional Facts
The yam contains vitamin B-6, as well as vitamin C and D, as well as the minerals iron and magnesium. The sweet potato alone is very healthy, when butter or margarine is added it can become unhealthy. The natural fat content in the yam is only 1g. Per serving, when adding butter to a large yam the fat content jumps to 140 with 139 fat g. per 1 ounce of butter, and 143 calories added from an ounce of butter alone. When considering how many calories are in any prepared dish, always add the calories for the butter or margarine; if used.
Health Benefits
Vitamin B-6 in the sweet potato offers the benefit of reducing the risk of degenerative diseases as well as heart disease. The health benefits of vitamin C include protection against certain types of cancer, as well as protective collagen that promotes healthy skin. Vitamin C offer immunity assistance from certain viruses such as the common cold and influenza. The yam offers a dose of iron that contains health benefits such as relief from fatigue, while at the same time promoting a healthy immune system. Health benefits from eating this super food, include healthy skin and healthy skin tone as well. Consider the health benefits as well when considering how many calories in sweet potatoes.
How to Store
When storing yams it is important to remember not to get them wet, simply wipe off the dirt. Place them in a bag with apples to prevent budding. Always keep sweet potatoes in a pantry or cellar in order to keep them cool and dry. Sweet potatoes left in a cool dry place can be kept for a month, however if stored in room temperature should be used within a week.


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