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Prepare a restaurant-style side dish for your holidays

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Everyone wants to try something special in their holidays. There are many wonderful things available to try, but cooking brings people some additional benefits. If you have more interest in trying restaurant-style side dish, you can prefer the instant Pot mashed potatoes. You can add roasted garlic in this recipe because it brings it an excellent rustic flavor. The flavourful and tasty mashed potatoes make your outing joyful. You can pair it with your favorite chicken rice to enjoy an awesome taste. You can prefer the electric pressure cooker to prepare this kind of vacation side dish. Once you mashed up the potatoes, you can leave them in your Instant Pot. It is an essential step that keeps the mashed potatoes warm until prepared to serve.

Choose the right potato

The preparation time of this dish is about 20 minutes. There are many options available on what actually makes the mashed potatoes a completely restaurant-style. Many people prefer the pungent garlic dose and small red peel pieces. You can also learn about the entire procedure to prepare the mashed potatoes in an excellent manner.  There are different varieties of potatoes available, so you can use the right one. The baking potatoes and high-starch potatoes are highly recommended to make the mashed potatoes. If you face any challenges with a particular variety of potato, you can look for the best alternative. The new baby and thin-skinned potatoes are the right choices for people who want to prepare the dish as soon possible.




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