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3 Ways To Protect Yourself When Taking A Staycation

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Staycations are by far the hottest holiday trend of this year, considering they are one of the only ones that can be taken safely. With many of us heading away for anything from a weekend to a fortnight in some of the country’s most visited holiday spots, this means these places are busier than ever.

So, today we’re going to share with some of our top tips for protecting yourself and your belongings during a staycation in this busy time.


Protect Your Health

One of the most important things you can be protected right now is your health. This means ensuring that you are following any and all COVID-19 regulations. When travelling by any public transport you should follow the current guidelines which require physical distancing where possible, hands to be sanitised, face coverings to be wrong at all times and, where possible, tickets should be purchased in advanced.

This also goes for attractions and public places when visiting them on your trip. Where possible a face covering should be worn, particularly indoors where these are mandatory in the majority off shops and attractions. Try to avoid crowded areas so that physical distancing can be observed and purchase tickets for attractions prior to visiting as many places will not sell tickets on the door.


Protect Your Belongings

With this increase in the number of people in these popular staycation locations, it would be wise to ensure that your personal belongs are protected. If you do not have individual protection plans on things like your phone, laptop etc. then it would be wise to contact your home insurer and invest in personal possessions insurance.

This cover will ensure that your valuable items are covered for theft or damage when you are out and about as long as you are making an effort to take reasonable care, such as not leaving them unattended or on display.


Protect Your Information

Unfortunately, the increase in footfall to these popular destinations has also meant that there has been an increase in the number of scams that are happening. So, it is important that you are aware of these scams.  The NHS Test and Trace scam is one such scam that has seen scammers collecting people’s sensitive data in the guise of being part of the legitimate Test and Trace system.

If, for any reason, you doubt that you are giving your contact details to a legitimate test and trace collected, be sure to question this and refuse if it still seems doubtful.


While many of us are very keen to get out and have some sort of holiday this year, it is still important that you are taking the proper precautions to ensure that you are being safe. Not only is your health still very much at risk if you do not, but you will now also be more susceptible to scams.

However, this should not deter you from enjoying a holiday, with some simple precautions in place you can definitely still have the perfect staycation. Use this article as your starting point and put these three steps into play.


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