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The Thrill Seekers Guide to Scotland

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When you mention Scotland to tourists who are thinking about visiting, but might not have been before, they’ll be likely to have their own preconceptions about it. The majority of exposure people have to Scotland before they arrive comes in the form of quaint drawings on the side of shortbread tins, and cosy nights with glasses of whisky.


The truth is that Scotland can offer a lot to those who are looking for a thrill in Caledonia. It’s not all museums and castles here, I can assure you! Here’s a run-down of where to go and what to do if you’re planning a trip to Scotland with an extra dram of adrenaline!


Sky diving


A lot of people don’t appreciate that Scotland has an active skydiving community. Due to the often unpredictable conditions it can be hard to book in advance, but speak to anyone who’s done it and they’ll tell you that Scotland’s scenery is best seen while falling through the air! There are a couple of licensed locations in the country that allow you to try this, mainly in the east coast. The Scottish Parachute Club and Skydive St Andrews offer stunning views of Scotland on a clear day.


White Water Rafting


Thanks to Scotland’s mountainous landscapes, there are a great many rivers and gorges that are ideal for those who aren’t afraid to get wet. In the summer months, places in the Cairngorms and around Fort William offer the best type of terrain for white water rafting, and a number of specialist companies are set up in the area to get you kitted out and ready to hit the rapids.




As with the aforementioned white water rafting, Scotland’s abundance of mountains and its diverse countryside make for the idea location to try a bit of pot-holing, or spelunking. If you’re not fond of tight spaces, then it might be best to give this one a miss as it is definitely not for the faint-hearted! As some parts of the Scottish countryside are particularly rural, it’s best to go with an experienced person with a knowledge of the area and the right equipment. Sites like are full of expert advice on where to go and what you’ll need.


Bungee Jumping


For those who like the sensation of falling through the air, but would prefer the added security of some springy rope to keep you grounded, there’s a good few places across the country that offer bungee jumping. If you’re looking for something more rural, Bungee Jump Scotland have a location in Killiecrankie with beautiful scenery in the Pitlochry area. They also have an urban location in the form of the iconic Titan crane on Glasgow’s River Clyde, if you’re wanting city views.


As with every extreme sport, you’ll want to be aware of the dangers associated with undertaking each of these activities. Always be sure to have the contact details of emergency services to hand before you head out, and do your research for the most well prepared businesses. Looking out for things like industry accreditations and employers’ liability insurance are hallmarks of quality. Once all of this is in hand, you’ll be ready to take a trip to Scotland and experience the extreme activities on offer! 


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